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USEC Diary


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[This will be ongoing, comments are ok, but not excessive one words, constructive criticism encouraged]

To Whomever reads this

That's it, sh*t went fubar, its all gone, command, they left us here. I waited and waited for a response, but nothing, the only thing I hear are the screams of the dead. It reminds me during old Tarkov, where it was a plentiful battle, with many dead and many alive, I clutched my Standard Issue Sig Sauer 556 the fog of war set in, it was it, 

Fu*k This Place Man

People were running, I could not see it well, just to see movement, I called it out 

"Movement, Front, Unknown if Combatant"

"They are all Fu*king Combatants"

In one foul pull of a trigger, a hammer dropping, a firing pin being released, striking the primer, sending the bullet down the rifled barrel, moving at around 2900 Feet per Second and it was that easy, the thud of a body and gasp.

The battle raged on for hours, nothing major, afterward we were victorious, no AK could match the West, I was curious and should have never been, there she was, a civilian, and casualty of a stupid, pointless war. A purple sweatshirt, long black hair and a nice pink head band, clutching a P226 as I remember those memories, maybe I should end it all, I can not, not until I leave

I know Command remembers us, I still have the only piece of communication, the device that tells us our clearance level, I was at 22 and now I am at 1, stupid stuff. I sleep more I guess, people don't seem to jump around like they used to, and I feel more aware, faster, also I hear the MP5 was ran in by the runners, good weapon. Another person willing to sell USD for stuff too, he's simply known as the peacekeeper, I like it. 

I saw one of my friends today too, he tried to kill me, he abandoned USEC a long time ago, way before Tarkov, He happened to be on Tarkov when this happened, now he is-was a Scavenger, I was in the Factory today, AKS in my hand, and he ran down a hallway, I had to do it, I just had too, I killed him, dead, I found out when I checked him out, that was him, looking at me with his lifeless eyes.

How many do I have to kill before I get to leave. I've done my part, the senseless killing of friends and foes, my fair share of murder has been of the USEC, a lot of people on their own. I know of a guy, he had a runner tell me he'd be in by July, a lot of people are coming in July for some reason, a couple of days out, and blood thirsty maniacs will be coming in, freshly shaved and groomed, us veterans, dirty, wrecked and cold.

I will die soon, either by myself or by some lucky Scav

USEC Codename: "Expertwith"

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