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The 6B43 6A needs to be re-worked

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7 hours ago, sYs said:

Gun is a gun it performs as it performs. you can't make it weaker and stronger - it is how its designer

not choosing right ammunition for right targets is most what people do wrong in this game. 

for ak i use combination of PS BT PP manually load  



and repeat the circle. 

WORKS MAGIC! :o Can you imagine? ( Insert sarcasm smiley face )

kleanuppguy said that the ap rounds in this game are broken

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Well, figured I would update this... It has been almost 10 months and there is still no change. Ap rounds are supposed to pierce through the armor and into the target. Their function is kinda their name. But alas, they still do no damage to the player. While they may shred the fort, the player wearing the fort still gets enough extra time to kill you. The fort meta is STILL super broken. On top of that, there is no way you would be able to move even remotely well in them. However, I do think Russia should give these to all of their soldiers, just because big fat green slowly moving marshmallow men are really, really easy targets. Also irl I would assume AP rounds do what they are supposed to. The end game for Tarkov is absolutely terrible right now and will be until they properly nerf fort. It has made it so every round chambered in 9mm is useless. Overall their damage/armor ratio is screwed up all across the board.

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I am newbie and I think it is OK for it to be strong.

The change I would see would be to make it heavier (drain stamina faster), noisier (+1 or +2 ticks relative to movement scale controlled by mouse roll) and block vest slot for specially designed pockets for that armor (like on photos that can be found on the Internet).

Also taking off and putting on such armour in raid should take significant amount of time but I am sure this will happen at one point in development process like time taken for reloading mags. ;)

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