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Trader's Mercenaries in raids (interactive)

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I have an idea. On a rare occasion there will be 1 or 2 AI's that work for traders (uasually armed with better weaponry then the standard guy) They roam the world and may initate in a firefight with scavs they come in contact with. They Will shoot to kill you based on your current relationship with the trader. They may even cooperate with you. They can give you intel about certain loot locations and or the current stage of a quest given by a trader. They can maybe even give you false intel if you are in bad terms with their employer. It should be made a rare occasion to run in to one of these people. Lets say one of them has a AS VAL you want. so you kill them for it. You killing them will result in the trader not liking you to where the wont even trade with you until you regain their trust and understanding, via quests. I also know it has been mentioned players will eventually be able to work for traders. But maybe their can be some other AI other then scavs. Maybe even ones you can interact with. Maybe you can trade with them similar to the traveling traders in the FO series, but they wont have the quality and or the quantity of the prime trader sytem. Just an idea I thought of the other day. Tell me what you guys think of this idea?

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