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Upcoming Launch of the Japanese subforum and Emissary/Moderator Recruitment

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Hello, Escapers!

We are proud to announce we will be opening a Japanese language subforum on the official Escape From Tarkov forums, to allow our uses from Japan and those who speak Japanese, to have an area where they may discuss Escape From Tarkov in their native language.

With the start of this initiative, we would also like to open Recruitment for a Japanese Emmissary and Japanese Moderator. Details concerning the position are below. This offer is for Fluent Japanese speakers only, but also please be aware that English is also a requirement to communicate with fellow Forum Administration personnel. 

Let's answer some questions that you may have?

What does a Moderator do?

A Moderator's prime task on the Escape From Tarkov forums is pretty easy. Help keep the forums orderly and easily accessible by removing/locking posts which clutter up the forums or are previously discussed topics. This helps cut down on repeated posts of the same topic and allows for unique discussions and conversations. Forum Moderators also handle punishments for rule violations based upon the forum rules, the violation in questions, and the nature of the violation. Things like this include, profanity, derogatory language or attitude, toxicity towards other forums users and creating a hostile discussion environment. The Escape From Tarkov forums is a place where both new players and older, more experienced players may converse, with players of various difference age groups, so ensuring everyone is able to find the answer to their question without being ridiculed by older, experienced players is a priority.

What does an Emissary do?

An Emissary's job is to connect with our player base and future players. An emissary should have a solid grasp on gameplay mechanics and features, allowing them to answer questions that most players would have about ingame mechanics or features. An Emissary helps guide newer players and potential players towards the game, and finding their way within the game. Like an out-of-game Sherpa. Emissaries are also tasked with translating Project News, Patchnotes and other announcements of important into their individual native languages, so that these announcements can be read by the native speakers of their region.

What do we look for in a Moderator?

When we are going over potential applications for Forum Moderators, we look at key indicators that help predict how effective a moderator that person may be. These include:

  • Forum Activity
  • Written/Spoken Languages (Especially for Multilingual Forum Moderator Positions)
  • Age/Maturity
  • Positive Interaction with other Forum Users
  • Previous Moderator or Supervisory Positions
  • Gameplay/Technical Knowledge about Escape From Tarkov

What do we look for in an Emissary?

  • Be active - Always at attention, locked and loaded to carry out your orders.
  • Translations - You will be responsible for intercepting, and deciphering all incoming news, and communications.
  • Communications - Talk with Operators in your forum section, make social media pages, twitter, and any other way to spread the news!
  • Field Operations - Go into your region to find well-known Streamers, Magazines, YouTubers, Gaming Events, etc. 


What affects your Application negatively?

  • Previous Warning/Rule Violation History
  • Forum Activity/New Users
  • Negative Interaction with other forum users


What kind of Moderators are we looking for?

Currently, we are seeking to fill the following positions within our Forum Administration:

  • Japanese Emmissary (1)
  • Moderator of the Japanese language subforum (1)

You sure like typing ArmaSwiss! Get to the juicy bits!

Alright alright! Of course. If you've reached this section, you must indeed be interested in joining the Forum Moderation Team. If you believe yourself to be a good fit for our team, be sure to submit your application for our review!

If you wish to submit your application for Forum Moderation Team, please visit our GoogleDoc submission form and fill it out. We will be reviewing all applications and applicants, with an announcement made later on regarding our choices from the pool of applications.

Click here to Submit your Application to Become a Forum Moderator for the Japanese subforum

Click here to Submit your Application to Become the Japanese Emmissary

End Note

I'd like to thank you all for taking your time to read this announcement, and for considering joining our Forum Moderation Team. To those who apply, may the odds be ever in your favor and may the best Applicant win!

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