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How to make the bot's Great... Suggestion's ?


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We all know the bot's are difficult to get right, But is there a way we can Help with a solution?

My suggestion to keep the bot's difficult but at least manageable on a one v one basis, Keep there reaction time up but delay there reaction time with X amount of time after being subject to Status change e.g :Being shot at, Being alerted to a player running or opening crate's, Shot's in the distance that kind of stuff. It would be 0.2 or so of a second but  a more player friendly encounter. Could even have the reaction time scale with AI level's to.

Another suggestion would be with already having the bot's naturally losing accuracy over distance, They could randomly Select a Body part to try shoot at with a (Percentage) over (Distance) accuracy loss. But have a rule that they will NOT select the same body part twice in  a row, Eliminating the instant two tap head shot we all suffer from. But still catching people off guard easily. Bearing in mind the AI's third shot can still (With a chance) Select the severely damaged area to aim for and kill the player. Remember though the bullet spread could also have a chance to hit the spot that is damaged already. e.g :The AI aim's for the head and hits,Then for the right arm and hits and then aim's for the body and the bullet fire's high and hit's the head, DEAD.  

It's imperative we keep the bot's Difficult.

I think with some tweak's by professional developers could be useful who know's?

After being subject to a series of bot attack over the past couple of hours I decided that I would post this and see how imaginative the  Escape From Tarkov community is, See if the developers can be inspired to do something amazing with bot's from our ideas and MAKE THE BOT'S GREAT...

Love the game even as it is. 

                                            Keep up the good work BSG



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