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Thank You, BSG!

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With all the anger and exasperation going around on the forums right now, I just want to express a few words of support for Battlestate.

Just like everyone else, I've been experiencing 605 and 502 errors, but only a few hours after I started getting them, tech support resolved the 502 errors. 

To all the existing testers, and all the new guys that got into the waves, please be flexible! Don't forget that we're testing an unfinished product. Doesn't anyone remember the US launch of Battlefield 3? The servers were swamped with players on launch and you couldn't even play multiplayer until like the day after the launch. And that was the release of a triple-A title from a huge developer. And yet, if the servers go down for four or five hours on a game that's still in testing, everyone here loses their minds? Have faith, guys.


Keep at it, BSG! There are still plenty of us here that love testing the beta in its current iteration and know EFT is gonna be a kickass game.


EDIT: 605 errors are gone now too! WOOO!

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