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Asian Servers

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There is a post about a huge desync whenever having high ping, this is due to currently not having proper servers for the rest of us outside USA, Russia and Europe.
Link to the post:

On behalf of the Asian Region players, I would like to suggest to add Servers for players located in the Asian Region.

I currently reside in the Philippines, and have been supporting this game for such a long time being a long term fan of Survival games.
Our experiences are literally the same as what the Australians are experiencing. As a matter in fact anyone outside of the 3 currently online servers are having issues.

I personally lost almost all my equipment believing that it was just a bug in the game at first but realized that it was due to high ping from other people's posts. This game has a lot of potential, and I really do not want this game to die and get a bad name as there are a lot of streamers who are unable to play this game due to this issue.

Once again I implore you to implement servers for People outside the 3 currently online servers.

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South East Asia gamer here. We NEED SEA or at the very least OCE servers or there is no playing. The internet is poo enough in this neck of the woods without being forced to connect with US or EU servers to play.

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