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Joining running sessions possible?


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So I was wondering.... is it possible to be completely alone when every other player/scav gets killed in a raid?
Or can players constantly join the session, as long as there are free slots? I know that you can be thrown in ongoing raids but it seems that these are usually only a couple of minutes in.
The information on this is rather inconsistent: Some advise you to wait for a good amount of time till there are very few players "left". Others make videos about "spawn camping" which suggests that there are constantly new players connecting.

Also: Do scavs respawn?

Thanks in advance

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scavs respawn yes, only way to join a late ongoing game is if there is still players alive and you join as a scav.

the spawncamping problem is due to players that load in a minute late to the raid and someone waiting for them to come in as their spawn area is empty beforehand

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