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somes troubles with keyboard

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Hello guys!

I have just started this awesome game and i have some question :


1 ) The game is in Querty, there is no trouble about that, but i am in azerty. Alt-C doesnt change my keyboard in game, so I have to change the keys. Should be no trouble, isnt it ? The trouble is :

Lean to left is progressive(step by step) and doesnt reset, i have to lean right to reset it.

Lean to right is a direct lean and the head is reseted.

Go Right is good

Go left is Lean+Left, so this is realy bad gameplay xD

I have made some research here but dont find any post with querty  or azerty or lean trouble 

can anyone help me please?

thx ^^

2) is there any wipe about our characters after closed beta? (i didnt find any info about that)


good hunting

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There are 2 lean left and 2 lean right options in the keybind menu, maybe that is your problem. 


And yes after closed beta stashes and other progress will be wiped again and it will happen again after open beta I think.


I hope that you can get the right keybinds, I play in azerty too and I had to do some stuff with the leaning keys too. I had to disable one option of leaning and only keep one keybinded. 

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