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Player scav vs AI scav - when do they feel betrayed?

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So I was wondering, when playing as a scav, how do AI scavs know that you've betrayed them?

To me it seems a bit inconsistent, as you sometimes can shoot a lone scav without other scavs shooting you afterwards. However sometimes nearby scavs will attack you, after shooting a scav, despite none of them seeing you shoot the one of them. 

I just had this happen to me in a raid in customs. I shot a scav, while neither he nor me were being watched by others, and the other scavs in the area didn't shoot me afterwards (some did come to check the noise). Later I shot another scav, that had run off behind some walls, and again no reaction from surrounding scavs. But on the third scav kill (still out of sight from other scavs) I was shot in the face by a scav that came to investigate.


So how exactly do scavs determine that you are no longer a proper cheeki breeki and proceed to shoot your face off from 30 meters with a shotgun (as they normally do ;) )?

- Dalnoeh


p.s I was unable to find a post about this, but if it already exists i apologise for creating an extra one. 

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9 minutes ago, necuja said:

this is hard to tell as this could have been another player scav who noticed you attack the others and decide to take you out

I though about that but it had to be AI as it had been running around the same area for the entirety of the raid, and I had been watching it, and all other scavs in the area, to make sure it was unable to see me. Also the way AI moves in this game makes it impossible not to spot.  

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