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i upgraded but my stash has not increased


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5 minutes ago, Tacoranger said:

i upgraded my game version to the left behind version and it says your stash will increase to 10x30 but it has not increased my stash yet 

Hi @Tacoranger

in order to receive upgrade, you have to reset your game profile on the http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/reset-game-profile

Your PMC will be reset to the state when you first started game (level 0, no skills and stash containing same pistols and items you had then). You will receive stash and secure container corresponding to your currently pre-ordered edition of game.

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7 minutes ago, Tacoranger said:

will i keep everything that i have in m y stash now 

No, as people have stated your entire character will be reset including your items in your stash upon resetting.

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