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Its fun intense game love it u guys doing great job.

but i wonder when is it gonna be easy to team up with people and chating inside the game while playing ? seeing your teamm8,s in your team easler so u dont kill em thinking they some one els allsow playing scav should be easer to see who is who at times u dont.

 the sounds of the distance fighting are a bit off u run to that location and its some where els?

Hows the ragdolls effect coming they are stiff and little bit off no smooth i find this importent for me tho :P

allsow the AI really hard to see they kill u easly thru the bushes and behind cover ect. like to play Scav but playing the main char i dont wanna gear up i die really fast lol

im just asking few things here i know there are alot more issues but 

Any futer plans for new maps coming? Ect?

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