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Waiting for response from servers


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I just want to know why can`t I play the game every time I try to load into a place on the map I`m just waiting for response from server. The longest I`ve waited is 17min 32sec.


Any help?



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If its at 5 minutes, close the game theought alt f4, restart and get back in. Due to the overload it seems you can get stuck in some sort of loop.

I had a game where I extracted, got 8200exp, pressed next and had to reconnect. Got back at spawn somehow, extracted again and got another 4k exp.

Its overload. Heavy af but reconnects will work. GL

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It's not servers being down it's servers being overloaded. No servers are available because there are too many players loaded in at the time.

Devs are aware and are working to resolve this problem

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