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Better lobby / party UI function idea. *Picture example inside*


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So here's my suggestion regarding the lobby screen and its current functionality.

I figured my example picture would give a quicker explanation as to what i'm hoping to see in future updates...


Key poins:

  • All group members appear on screen with their current character loadout. Hardcore / PVP / Duel players may want to turn this option off from gameplay options.
  • You can also edit your character or trade in the lobby - yellow PREPARING status. This also solves group disconnection problem when we currently have to press BACK.
  • All group members need to press READY before group leader initializes the game.
  • You can rotate all character 3D models horisontally (not essential but helps with waiting boredom and assets appreciation).
  • Your character level should be more visible behind the head.


Really hoping this post gets noticed and taken into consideration. Thank you.



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Very necessary feature as it shortens some unnecessary chatter and gives a possibility to see how everyone in the group looks to even more lessen friendly fire.

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I have a few questions.

1. You can't see your friend. Like for example his name over his head.

2. You don't know who are your friends and who not because they look like every other player.

3. Spawns over the whole map.

So, what's the group for atm? And what's the point of "looking for group" and grouping with random guys? You can't see them as friends anyways....


I think your idea is the first step. Thumbs up!

PS: I know, it's beta

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