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New trader and ammo box concept

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New trader concept: Kingpin.

Role: Tarkov's Banker

Concept lore: The main leader of thriving Scav gangs. Runs operations and transportation of stolen loot and goods. Makes money on whatever he can and whoever he can.

Concept interactions and abilities: Can make deposits and withdraws (small tax based on loyalty level). sells highly valued barter loot and special types of container. ( Pouch containers, Doc folder, wallets, ect).

Hosts the auction house.

Has interactive and loyalty Quests and missions. these interactive quests include escorting AI (or even players) with containers labeled "Kingpins loot" to certain locations and defending from ambushes set by rival gangs or wandering groups of PMC's (Roam mode or technical Raid mode). Escorting the valued good gives loyalty and % cut. Bonus for escorting the original carriers of the loot. If the opposition wins, the loot can be sold or bartered to other traders; or sold at a "special" price back to kingpin. (No tax on a certain amount of times on deposits, or a discount of a item in his shop). 


Note: This is a fan driven concept made by me, to make the world feel more "alive" and give the game more dynamic. Having a interactive trader as this compared to the usual "find tools and move to the next area with said tools" would give not only a great experience but more of a atmospheric touch to the game. (the world still goes on even if you're not there).

Let me know what you think and any ideas to improve on this trader concept  

Ammo Box suggestion

Having a 1x2 box of ammo (2x2 depending on the actual round). Holds 8-10 slots inside of any bullets you desire (12-16 on the 2x2). Has the option to be labeled by the player so they can keep track on the type of ammunition put in it. 

Personal note: as a seasoned player, having the ability to keep track in a organized manor will make for better game play and variety. just shoving bullets anywhere in your stash into a mag creates no real preference and a lack of knowledge of how much damage you do. Even the current method of keeping track isn't viable due to the amount of space you take up in the stash for other items.

Let me know what you guys think and I hope a BSG Dev will come across this and spark new and intuitive ideas for the game. I love this game and can say personally i poured over 1000 raids and hundreds of hours and want to make this the best game it can be.

link to the original thread 


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