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bad sound engine..

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15 hours ago, johncage213 said:

sound is based on interaction between server and client. that's why people are reporting people appearing out of nowhere or gunfights happening close by but not really.

none of this is an issue in offline pve mode.

Well you're wrong. Sound is specifically a client problem. All the audio processing and calculations are done client side. The server has nothing to do with the representation of the game (as in graphics and audio), it only coordinates and propagates events between all clients (receiving data requests and sending data responses).

The client "listens" to server events (aka player B is walking upstairs) and then processes the audio (player B is 2 meters away, on wooden surface between 2 obstacles like a wall and a floor - process sound accordingly).

I have been messing with game development for the past 7 years and I have yet to see any server actually messing with sound processing, and fortunately so because it is a stupid idea that consumes tons of memory.

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21 hours ago, Magpie231 said:

It seems like you have no idea what you're talking about, also he is not referring to that but the background noise that is a part of the game. Personally I don't have a problem with it though.

Ah, yes. Good you included that important detail. Now I know you're an expert on these things.

I know exactly what I was talking about, 50Hz onboard card noise. I know what indoor ambient sound with my hardware/settings is, high frequency hiss, not "bass" and "whombbbbbbbbbb" he is refering to. 50 Hz is in bass frequency range.

I included the most important bits of the spec, to enforce that I have no hardware/framerate/software issues. Dodgy windows might be a pain in the ass, I know. Hating Microsoft was my religion, I sworn that I will not spend money on their products when they released windows 95. This changed since win 10, because this system actually does what it should, it just works. I do not register it is there I just go about my own daily business without BSOD's and other entertainment that reminds me about Microsoft. This is the reason for including genuine win detail.

Edit, most of the people I know do not have genuine windows 10

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