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Checking the Chamber

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Quick question to see if I am alone on this topic. I for one love checking the magazine and chamber for quantity of rounds, since my dumbass self loves to go into factory without a shell in the chamber of my shotgun. Some guns however seem like you check the chamber, but don't actually confirm a round in it. Guns like the AK-74's pull the action back but you cannot see a round inside because the lighting is too dark. Not sure if this is a bug but several times I try to check the chamber and have to TAB inspect the weapon to make sure I have chambered a round since I cannot see it myself. Hopefully I am not the only one with this issue, as brightness doesn't seem to be the issue. 

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8 hours ago, hunter97 said:

Shift+T =Check chamber

ALT+T = Check magazine

he's got it :) and don't forget ALT+B for checking fire mode

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On 8/7/2017 at 9:51 PM, Buck_ said:


Im just curious if anyone else noticed that seeing inside the chamber of the AK series rifles is nearly impossible to actually check the chamber. Even though its simply for aesthetics, I like to enjoy my hard on in full blast. Noticed the MP5 is difficult as well, though you can see that one if you look hard enough.

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