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Insurance/Storage Questions!


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Howdy! I just started playing today, and have some questions that I couldn't find the answer to while googling or watching YT videos regarding storage, insurance, and how the 2 work in the offline mode - if my questions have been answered elsewhere feel free to share the link!

1. Do I need to insure my gamma container (the one that returns belongings on death)? If I don't insure it, does it disappear? Same question for the starting melee weapon (a bayonet, I think). I assumed I would not need to insure the container before playing - but then saw it gives you the option to do so before leaving for a raid which confused me.

2. I heard somewhere that offline mode allows you to die and have all of your items returned on death, even without insurance. Is that true? Are we able to keep items found in an offline raid (I haven't given offline a shot yet, are there even bots or is it just a freeroam?)

Thanks fellas.


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Just now, Olloch said:


1. No you dont need to insure it or the melee weapon

2. Offline is like 'test mode' nothing is saved. I would recommend a new player use it to practice and learn the maps

Thanks for the quick reply and recommendation! 

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