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Contract Wars, Hired Ops and EFT

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G'day fellow tarkovians,

I have played contract wars, hired ops and tarkov, and this is a question regarding the timeline of game developers.

Contract wars, published by absoloutsoft, was a browser based fps based in russia 2028. From there, absoloutsoft published hired ops (contract wars standalone). Battlestate games is then formed and makes tarkov, in the same universe, with some of the devs from the stalker team and absoloutsoft. Natalino is like the lead dev at BSG if im not wrong, yet he is also on the hired ops team. Im confused??!

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Hello, Escaper!

Allow me to help you out.

"NIM: How was your studio founded, and how did you manage to keep your game a secret for so long?
Nikita Buyanov: We were previously known (and continue to be known) as Absolutsoft. This is another one of our companies that develop the online browser FPS Contract Wars. CW gave us everything we needed for the further growth, both experience, and resources. Actually, this game laid the foundations of the fictional game universe called Russia 2028. We have kept our second studio, Battlestate Games, and the Escape from Tarkov project secret since 2012, to achieve the maximum announcement effect. Keeping silence was not that hard since nobody even suspected that we were working on such an ambitious and serious project." 

There is only one dev from STALKER on the BSG team, so it's not like 4 or 5. There are people from the two studios that make their way around, to help the cause of the Russia2028 universe. As far as Natalino, he is not the head dev of BSG. That distinguished title belongs to Nikita Buyanov. Natalino and Kleanuppguy have Dev tags and are a part of the team as Community Developers. They are not coding, designing, or anything like that, but they are performing valuable service behind the scenes that any studio needs. Hope this clears things up for you.



Russia2028 is a universe, or reality, much like Marvel Universe. It has its own timeline, characters, events etc. One of those events took place from 2010-2014, called the Contract Wars. Then there is HiredOps, which is the same time period but is an updated, expanded, new version of the same point in time. From 2015-2026 is the timeline of Escape From Tarkov (in the game universe) with Russia2028 being the next game, that takes place in 2028.


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