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Lower tier armor options

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So one thing I've noticed is that if you're a lower level, you will commonly find yourself unable to aquire armor, I've got PACA unlocked but still have to get through the grind to be able to get Kiver-M helmets and Fort armor. I'd be limited to occasionally finding Kiver-M helmets or, if I'm lucky, Fort armor in raids.

So how about lower tier helmets, something like an old WW2 helmet or a riot helmet. I don't reckon WW2 helmets just rot away and dissipate, so there'd probably be some around that desperate people will use. Along with that, assuming police stations and such would've been raided when Tarkov went into chaos, police equipment like riot gear would find itself in the blackmarket circulation.

These helmets aren't really designed to stop bullets, but rather to stop blunt impacts like falling debris or melee weapons. If you want something actually effective, you would still need something like a Kiver-M. However they could be used as a desperate measure to find yourself surviving that one pistol bullet or stray shotgun pellet with a sliver of health left instead of an instant death. Along with that, I'd reckon it would be a cheap countermeasure against hatchlings.

Besides that, I'd reckon scavs could commonly be found with gear like this as well.

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