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May I Introduce - The Markarov 500 Challange

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Hi fellow escapers,

I have read some threats cotaining the lack of effectivity of Pistols ... and the need to reset the Profil cause the Poster is out of Gear and somehow out of Money.

That lead me to the question what would I do in that case and is it possible to come back if you concentrate.

Here are my challange rules and startsettings:


You NEED a Factory Key. (Didn´t have one so I did roughly 30 Axeruns on customs to get one - and some weapons which aren´t listet below )

Initial position:


- Factory Key

- 40.000 Rouble

- Some Medics like Painkiller med pac car medpack and splits.



5 Markarov

10 Extra Mags for Markarov

500 Bullets of your choice



You go Factory with only Markarov, Mags, Bullets and Medics + Factory Key.

What you loot you can use during the raid you lootet it in , after that it remains in the stash or is sold.

EXIT CAMPING is NOT an Option :-)

If you have less than 5 Markarov or less as 10 extramags you add them butt the 500 Bullets is the LIMIT that is set for that challange.

If you run out of Bullets or Markarov the Challange is over.


Here is what I managed to get out.

AKN 2x (1 from Bot , 1 out of the Bathroomlocker)

M4 1x from the Bathrommlocker

Shotguns (133+153) 10x

Pistols that wasn´t Markarov 10x

Markarov 4x

AKU 4x (1x from the Bathroomlocker)

Saiga 3x


+many vests bags and smal stuff that i didnt count.


Made roughly 340.000 Ruble and 3000 $.

Perhaps other Players will be encouraged to give it a try cause i myself found it quit challanging and it added up some extra hunting spiritfor me.

This was the forst run and it was practicly shot grab extract ... i hardly was longer than 5-7 minutes i one raid. Next time i will try to be more sneaky and maximize the quality and quantity of the loot extracted. We will see how that will work out.

I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.

Good luck !!


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I like how people come up with challenges like this? Mabye hatchet 0 dawn

Where you only use a hatchet and you can only go on factory + only use the hatchet

And can only take AKS or pistols <3

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Nope definitv not removed did the run yesterday. first locker on the left still can spawn a weapon without ammo. also found a grizzly in ther trunk midstairs 2 times now which didnt heappen befor as far as i know.

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I have been doing this since i just started and Makarov+Ammo is cheap, will do proper challange next week when I can play more, but....my stash is already full xD

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Hey nice that finally someone will also accept the challenge .... I am looking forward to your report. 

My stash is extremly full at the moment so the max out run must wait a little bit till i feel the need to participate again. 

At the moment i am trying a harder challenge .. but its still in testing if it is something worth posting here. 

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So now I am officialy accepting challange, I will sell all my stash and start fresh with Makarov and bullets, I will NOT use Factory Key ;) So I will Post update with the progress or end result :)

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So n000b is going for the Markarov 500 "extrem edition" :) Can´t wait to See what u manage to get out.

Good Luck M8 hope You enjoy yourself

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Good idea, I might try...might not be what i want tho cause i already play Factory for higher FPS (have settings on medium..) 

But yeah will try to make a video about it, and this is goin to be Extreme version, as Ignore said....somewhat of a SpeedRun, so basicaly I will try to keep my movement "loud", so no slow walking and no camping...let's see where I get with that :D

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I wasn't able to record anything...But I can describe...

It's hard! xD I mean im used to goin in slowly and stuff but here I had to run all the time. also im greedy and that what the reason that I didnt get any other good loot. I had AK74 2 times and a shotgun 4 times (black one) but I got killed cause I was greedy and searching enemies pockets and gettin shot in the process.... xD 

Here is the end stash after 500 bullets 


2017-08-22[15-47] (0).png

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Yeah yeah the greedy cat gets itself killed. Same here ... the longer you stay the more unlikely it gets that you make it out.

Think the shot grap escape version is the one you get most money out.

be out before scav wave 2 at arounf 52 min is spawning .

nice to see that it isnt just me and my shity aim 

hope you had at least a little bit fun with the challenge

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