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Add alcoholic items that can get you drunk


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Not the most serious and the most needed, but I do think it could help with immersion, maybe a little humor, and generally I think a rather inoffensive addition to the game.

Add liqour and alcoholic drinks to the game. Like in STALKER, the infamous Cossacks Vodka that you could drink that would get you a little wobbly if consumed, I think it would be nice if you could come across alcohol in the game that you could either drink and get your own character intoxicated if that was what you wanted to do, or sell for a high price because of the vices of people. Cigarettes are clearly in demand and left out, I think that people would be interested in keeping a flow of liqours going. And maybe all it would take would just to repurpose the pain/concussion effects to simulate intoxication if you decided the right thing to do in combat was to down a fifth of vodka. Or even have be something to disinfect wounds, make molotov cocktails, ect.  I see a lot of potential and add some authenticity for the setting. Maybe even way down the line see Scavs slacking off and getting drunk behind a shed or something, ect.


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Deffy agree. As a part of Russian (Slavic) culture (no offense, Am slav too) it should be implemented, and as it was mentioned above, some clothes pcs into bottle, matches or so and here you go.. Cheep and easy to find 



Not to mention seeing one of a few scams drunk, walking, talking sh.t, shooting like crazy on enemies. Man, those possibilities :D

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3 minutes ago, LeoSVK1 said:

As a part of Russian (Slavic) culture (no offense, Am slav too)

I didn't want to say it but hey man, most people like drinking so can't hold it against them for being so open about their indulgences. Maybe they're actually on to something.

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