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200th Raid Constructive Critisism

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Hey, let me just say I love Eft, and after blowing around two weeks of my life on this I still love it.

I would like to point out some problems I think could be improved and how they could be improved.

Firstly, teamplay, I think it would be much better to have teams spawn together in general. Right now the gameplay in the trailer for factory is nearly impossible to obtain. People start off sprinting to each other which isn't very tactical or stealthy, if you wait too long the map might be looted instead.

Identification, there should be some way to identify your own team, the simplest way would be to allow purchasing coloured apparel. It would work quite simply: have some kind of item of  which coloured bands can be attached to. Have 2 or 3 slots on this item. Allow people to attach colours in a certain order. This way everyone would be able to make a pretty subtle improvised "uniform" since the chance of two different teams getting the exact order of colours identical is very low. There could be an armband slot on the character or something like that.

Scavs, I get some people like them. I don't. I think the AI takes away from this game, there is nothing fun about them, and I think it would be better if scavs were just players. Or at least weren't predictable aimbots. I'd also like to duke it out with a real human team, without worrying about being shot through pushes at extreme ranges by AI I can't see. This isn't fun.

Barter, the barter system makes no sense, isn't fun and strongly favours more expensive editions of Eft. The items required for the SV-98 for example take up more than 60 inventory slots that is basically impossible to do if you have any kind of sensible stash in a normal edition, this is over 25% of your total stash space on the slim chance you'll get all the items required within a reasonable amount of time. It feels like this barter system is not intended for normal editions, and I don't think it's okay to have game features which makes little sense, are tedious or near impossible if you have the standard edition of the game.

I would much like the barter system totally gone, and have everything payable with cash, however another improvement would be to have a special trader like fence, who just barters and have standard equipment payable.

Rigs and ingame loading, currently putting shells or bullets into magazines is instant. This makes it much more viable to bring several hundred bullets and just stack the same magazines instantly while ingame. This to me is counter intuitive. However bringing the largest rigs is unfeasible most of the time. I think all rigs should be made much cheaper so that the most expensive rig might be like 20,000. But at the same time make loading a magazine ingame not instant. That way big rigs are useful and bringing more magazines would be reasonable.

No brainers, some choices are just no-brainers to me, including the above one. Also the M4A1 is a no brainer choice. This weapon is so good, it has every advantage over the AK-74N. It has better attachments, it has slightly better recoil, faster rate of fire, does WAY more damage, faster magazine switch and you don't even lose stamina when you have it aimed (though this might be a bug?). Fully kitted AK-74s feel like scrub weapons when you get the M4A1. There are no down sides to this weapon if you have the dollars for it. I think maybe the 5.56 damage should be lowered and it's penetration be less than the good rounds for the AK-74. I sold all my AK-74s that were completely kitted and replaced them with M4A1s as soon as I realised how superior this weapon is. I think that should not be the case.

Secure container contend, currently the Gamma container is "Pay to get 50% more items than the absolute most expensive end-game upgrade", this is very silly I think. I am not saying take it out, but maybe what can be put into a secure container should be changed, so that ammo, grenades and medical items cannot be stored there. They can still put weapons and important loot items like keys in the container, but nothing that would allow them to bring more combat supplies without fear than anyone else. Which is exactly what people do now, putting a bear medkit in the Gamma container, grenades and extra ammo, without any fear of losing it. 


These are pretty much all the problems with the game I can think of, all can be fixed, and the fact it doesn't have more in this beta is great, I love this game, I hope it will be the best shooter ever made when it's done.

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