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Scav spawning


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So, and this was only maybe 10 minutes ago, but I did a scav run on Customs. I spawn in and I spawn right next to 2 guys who were pretty geared up. Scav backpacks, tricked out AKs, a Saiga, the works. And I mean, I spawned in like maybe 20 feet away from them. By the time they realized something was amiss both guys were dead from my MP-153. I looted them and ended up being killed by a scav camping the exit and I got distracted looking to see if I found the docs holder.

But I think that's a major issue with the spawns. Those guys were being careful, taking their time, clearly came prepared and lost because I spawned in right next to them looking at them already. I barely had to move my mouse to kill them. If I had spawned else where and snuck up to that distance that'd be one thing but I literally teleported right on their asses and they never had a chance. I never should have been allowed to spawn in such a favorable position, and so close that I could easily shotgun them both down without having to make a move.

And that's an issue where scavs can just spawn in right next to you. I really think that needs to be addressed where scavs cannot spawn in direct line of sight of players, as well as scavs can't spawn inside a certain distance from the players, because it was so close that it seemed like one of them gave birth to me with that spawn and it was absolutely never ever fair for them.

And to those 2 guys I gunned down, I'm sorry because that was really dirty but it wasn't my fault the game put me in such a spot. I'm just a little sad that I didn't take your great stuff but at least you can sleep easier knowing that I didn't walk away with it either.

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I agree, the scav spawns are poo! One game I spawn in and die immediately  because it spawned me in font of a player and another I spawn behind a fully kitted player and kill him just to have someone spawn behind me and do the same. It's a bunch of bull poo and they need to fix it. 

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