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Scav gameplay from a new players persepective

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Hi, Im new to the game (lvl7) and I'm generally really enjoying the game, however there is one thing that frustrates me more than anything else and unfortunately this seems only to be able to change if the current player base's mindset also shifts. Currently spawning in as a scav is a very exasperating experience as other players seem incapable of not moronically shooting you on sight 30 seconds after spawning in. I understand if i'm running around with a looted AK and body armour you'd want to steal my stuff, but  9 times out of 10 i have no bag, no scav vest and only a bad pistol / bullets.

The few times I have came across a friendly scav it has without doubt enhanced the enjoyment of that raid for me. I leave with just as much, if not more, loot than if i shot every other AI and player scav, plus it makes it a totally different experience to the current PMC implementation as you aren't instantly against everyone on the map. The game has lots of issues and places to improve upon, and I think this issue can mainly be solved by a change in attitude by players. Anyway, I'm a new player and this is having the biggest impact on the game for me so thought it might be worth sharing. 

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Being a scav doesn't mean that another scav won't shoot you :)

Point taken on the non-coop behavior of players scavs. How about not trusting other scavs, avoiding them, or - as I do - mimic AI scavs?

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I totally agree with you. I get lucky as a scav spawn usually and will spawn next to an exit with an AK-74U and most of the time I just want to leave with that because I know that if I don't I'm more likely to die from another scav than to a USEC which is really infuriating and really just ruins that aspect of the game for me.

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Yeah sadly until the put in the possible karma system if you kill someone in your same 'clan', this is just going to continue, if not get worse.


Me personally I try to give other scav players the benefit of the doubt and try to work with them, or at least not kill them for their worthless items (default scav gear). But the more I get murdered for no reason, the less likely I am to let another player scav go in the future. Honestly its the same when I spawn in as a BEAR player... I don't have a team or anything so often a team of other players will just murder me for squat too. 

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I love the game but at present I purely play as a Scav.

I find that the experience at the moment from a character stand point is that the risk doesn't warrant the reward. At present it's a free for all, I've only encountered one player so far who didn't light me up on sight. I fully appreciate what I bought into, with full loot system and realism etc but (as already mentioned) without the karma system in place there is no incentive for players to risk foregoing the first shot.


My thoughts and feelings largely echo echeadle's at this point.


edit: My other concern at present is how the karma system will be handled and whether or not it will be an effective solution.

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