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Ambient noise needs work.


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I'm not saying it sucks, I think it's mostly good, such as the guns, those are quite realistic, probably the most realistic of any FPS game i've played. But lets have a serious talk about the ambient noise in this game...On some maps it seems to me that the sound in a woodsy area like the woods map shouldn't be loud wind like your in the middle of a blizzard. Trees break up wind flow and absorb a lot of sound, it can get pretty damn quiet in a forest. So perhaps this is just a placeholder ambient noise loop they use between a few maps, that's fine for an unfinished game. but I think it should be considered to get some extra attention to that. 

Then there's the Factory level....why does the whole place sound like starship enterprise engine hum in a loop? that's really weird. I've been in factory before, it doesn't make droning sound like that. Unless it's in service and machines are running, you'd hear more than just a hum. For a lot of the noises in the factory, i'd also expect  some reverb and cold echoes of metal things. Especially the SCAVs shouting at each other should echo through the place. 

I don't mind ambient noise and environmental effects, but I'd like the developer to at least put some effort into ambient/environment noise that makes sense. Otherwise I find it to be very disorienting sometimes when something sounds off and it just doesn't seem in the right place. I'm finding myself wondering if I might be hearing something around the corner but ambient noise is masking it too much because its too loud... Hopefully the DEVs can revisit the sound development in this game with more effects and tweaks? I think it would really go along way for the immersion. That's my feedback so far for this beta, sorry in advance if anyone else brought it up.

ALSO, if anyone asks, i'm playing this game using a pretty good headset, Sennheiser HD380 pro. I think they're considered a pretty accurate set of monitor headphones for the money. 

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