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Opinions please hack or bug?


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  • 4 months later...

i have recently experienced a bug/hack not sure which where i and my squad mate received damage to every part of our body by proximity to an area, that would be customs red factory with office near the original spawn area, no shots or even bullets whizzing etc, i cant prove anything of course. my friend was  close to the area and couldn't run away before the damage killed him. i however ran away over the river fixed what i could and took painkillers for the broken limbs (all of them broken)

i ditched my insured gear and went to see what was going on, i was eventually killed in a gun fight by 2 fairly geared guys but as before i  was taking damage again just by approaching the area, anyway they were both using un-suppressed weapons so that makes me think it wasn't shooting that damaged us both (other than dying at the final gun fight of course), also the player that killed me had the same name as the silent killer that took my friend out.

very strange i wonder has anyone experienced this issue ?

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