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Scavs are crispy


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Just recently I was having a great playthough until I saw a lonely scav standing completely still in the middle of the open. I got excited and crouched down and aimed my pistol at his head. Not the makarov mind you and I shot him in the head and I saw the blood come out of it as a result. You would think that would kill him considering he had no head protection on but he survived. I was then thinking okay that head injury should impair his aiming ability. NOPE. he took a few steps forward looked directly at me shot me 3 times and killed me instantly on his third shot. Why does his head shot drop me instantly and mine doesn't? I'm sure devs are working on lots of things at the moment and patience is needed but the my purpose here is to state my opinion on the scavs crisp level which appears to be over 9000. Thank you for reading this I would also enjoy to hear some other crispy scav stories if anybody else has been boned by them.

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