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Missing Footsteps

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Has anyone had the issue where the footsteps of AI or Players completely disappears, not sure what happened but an AI somehow managed to get behind me after I heard a bush swipe to my front left, next thing I hear is an AI shouting over my left shoulder, magically the AI had passed by me without so much as making a sound!

Anyone else having this issue, sometimes when I wear my Comtacs the footsteps are inaudible at times!

And no, there is no profanity Woodsen :D


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It only happen to me if its raining. It seems like you do a lot of noise (or, just the normal ones) but as i played with my guys we noticed that the rain reduces it a lot for others. We could literally run aside each other and couldnt tell if someones nearby.


Aside from the rain i only got this once or twice in over 200 raids, so yes, it may be a bug but a very rare one.

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This seems to happen when the server is lagging a lot, sometimes you will even hear the footsteps you should have heard afterwards. When it's too late! 

Also when another player or scav is within a short distance your footstep sounds get stuttery if you listen closely! 

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