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Welcome to the new Emissary of Lithuania, Wadexas!

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Hello Escapers!

As our player base grows, so does our Team to help convey information and ensure our players are able to understand the latest updates and news concerning Escape From Tarkov!

As part of our expanding playerbase, we would like to welcome all our players from Lithuania, with the opening of the new Multi-lingual forum, Lithuania, where players may speak in their native tongue and converse amongst each other. To reach out and assist our players, we have contracted the mighty BEAR operator, @wadexas to aid these Escapers on their journey, out of Tarkov.

Let us all give a warm welcome and lift our canteens as we drink to honor his arrival. Huzzah!

A lightning strike struck in the very center of the city, it's crack rippling through the air as smoke rose from the buildings and streets. Echos of gunshots, explosions and the voices of men echoed along cracked and broken glass, brick and mortars and metal walls. But after time, it all died down to silence. Down in the streets, amongst smokey craters, and bullet pocketed walls, walked a BEAR, bloody bandage and dirty uniform that had not seen the caress of soap since Tarkov was cut off. He made his way into the underground, and disappeared into the darkness. There were others to find, and many more to rally and lead. His brothers in arms would not be forgotten in this dead city.

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Just now, Blackb1rd said:

Welcome, Wadexas, new Emissary for Lithuania! We are ready to open a new subforum for you.

Glad to hear, will start work asap with all info availabe about the game and upcoming stuff :useriously:

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