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Question about Char lvl & Traders

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So i got Peacekeeper to lvl 3 but my character lvl is currently 25. I wont be able to get peacekeeper to level 4 unless im Lvl 29. But my question is, does the money i spend and sell to peacekeeper pro-rate towards his higher lvl when Im finally lvl 29 or do i HAVE TO BE lvl 29 in order for peacekeeper to get the sell/buy  bonus..any help would be appreciated, because I dont wanna sell to peacekeeper if it is not going towards his lvling until im lvl 29, so I rather lvl up skier or someone else instead.

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You can level the traders to level 4 while being level 1 with your PMC, u just don't get to buy the stuff.

Not sure if i've understood it right cause you talk about "bonus"?

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