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Hideout/trade system // hideout raids.

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Hello. So, I play this kind of games only with my friend/friends, right? And I really love when things are designed to support teams of people. So I was wondering if the hideout could be done in a "team friendly way"? You with your friend both purchase one hideout together and manage it. You could trade with your friend there (for example you have a scope that he want, you simply both go to hideout and trade it). Or it this is not a plane, could we get some trading system between friends? Cant imagine 2 guys in a real life scenario not being able to exchange equpiment hehe.


As for the hideout raids - my vision is: You store stuff in your hideout, right? The hideout could be located in an instanced zone. You could challenge the hideout with your team and you would get teleported into a seperate area. The defending team would be able to secure their hideout with hirable scavs or mercenaries together with themselves being able to defend it. As for the time to get prepared - not sure if anybody is familiar with lineage 2 and castle sieges, there you had castle siege every weekend at 8:pm. Enemy clans could register and you would be warned in advance so you and your friends could get ready to defend your castle. So something similar. Not everybody has time at weekend nights so it would be up to the players to allow their hideouts being at disposal for registration, depends on the teams collective decision. Would be also nice if that area - for example city map - where you get teleported had 2-3-4 options of hideout being located and every time the location would be random, same for the attacking team spawn. So we could prevent people from using the same tactic again and again and would provide players with tons of options and different scenarios.

As for the rewards in case of succesful/unsuccesful raid: the winning team would be able to loot the enemy crates and collect certain percentage of items stored in there. For example looting a safe with 10 000 000 rubles would get you 1000 000 rubles, weapon locker with 20 guns would provide you with 2-3 random (or choosable) guns etc etc. Attacking team in case of failure on the other hand would lose all of their equipment. In case of only one person of the defending team surviving, the game would store or the remaining person would be able to store his friends/enemies equipment in the hideouts storage space, thus getting reward even for the fallen comrades and getting their shizzle back.

By the way there could be something like a leaderboard where you challenge hideouts. You could see the posible loot, cash and of course their success ratio or how many raids they lost/survived. It would be a fun competition I think :).


PS: My english has gotten quite rusty so, yeah, b.e.a.r with me :P

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