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Slow magazine swap when vest is full


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Hey i had a quick search and couldn't find anything on this topic. I find it unrealistic how you just drop a magazine if you reload with a full vest. What i propose is when doing a normal "keep your magazine reload" with a full vest that the character does a special type of reload I.E  takes the mag out of his pouch then does a reload with both magazines in his hand then re pouches the old magazine into the vest. Maybe to balance this out it could be slower? Obviously if you double tap reload it will do a tactical reload still.

This is what i usually do when i am airsofting when its not a critical reload and it works for both m4 and ak style platforms. I assume it will work with most magazine types. Perhaps a dump pouch attachment could be in order for vests? 4 x 4 Attachment that can hold 2 magazines and cannot be reloaded from?

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