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Is it normal to die by Barbwire instantly?


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Hey there Guys,

i just played my second raid in EFT and I actually got to Kill two People and got my first AK74 and some good Loot *hooray*

But then I tried to sneak away and heard the noise of moving through barbwire and died instantly. I met barbwire before and did not die that fast... its just very frustrating to have this accomplishment and then to die by such a minor thing.


Where? On Shorline, next to the spot to spawn, right next to the "border" (that wall). Barbwire on the ground.


Any help appreciated.

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I know for a fact that if you have any part of your body ''blacked out'' as in if you are on 0 health and take any more damage to that body part, that will kill you instantly, that is the only reason i could think of why you should die to barbedwire right away.

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