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28 minutes ago, zenandreas said:

Has it been updated with all the new SPA keys?

The guide the OP copied and pasted is being slowly updated with the Sanitorium / Resort / Spa keys, yes.


There are still some gaps but I'm working quickly to fill them with the help of many friendly EFT community members. 


On 1/1/2018 at 11:53 AM, zRude said:

I found SMW car key. ( SMW car folding key ) Not finding any info about this ? What is it D: !

This key opens the trunk of the fancy looking car in the driveway of the unlocked "Estate / Cottage" on shoreline. It sometimes has a weapon, but usually has at least something worth taking (stacks of roubles, etc.)

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2 hours ago, Meastro said:

I found the weather station safe key at interchange, night raid on a random scav.

That safe is open

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