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On 10/7/2017 at 3:50 AM, Exoskeleton said:

This weapon need some more love. Its curently the worst pistol ingame. Slow, small damage per bullet.... any makarov can outfire it.

Unfortunately, I agree. It's more expensive than the Grach, has the most recoil of the pistols (which is somewhat realistic, actually) and holds less ammo. There's not much point in using it.

On 11/11/2017 at 2:09 PM, BiGBeNN said:

Can we have an ETA on any suppressor for this sidearm please ;) ?

Weird that the Silencerco Hybrid won't fit. Maybe soon?

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If the below observation  has already been made I apologize.

The p226 front sight is way too small and sits way too low in game, its not a big deal as the negative consequences are not modeled in the game and no point of impact shift occurs from the bad sight alignment but with such little of the front sight post visible in game it is much more difficult to track in combat making accurate follow up shots more difficult than they should be. This can be worked around some by mounting a weapon light on the p226 and using it to contrast your front sight with the white light. Working night sights would go a long way to improving the p226 as well but I would rather have a correctly aligned and sized front sight.


Attached is a photo of the in game p226 sight picture vs the IRL p226 sight picture.


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2 hours ago, Murdockj61 said:

Do they have a suppressor for this in game. I haven't seen one yet if so. 

Peacekeeper level III sells the SIlencerco Osprey - suppressor for SIG P226R

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