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General question regarding stash wipes


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I'm not criticizing or complaining in asking this, but am just curious as to in what way(s) stash wipes help with the development process?

I'm sure they are; just interested if there are any answers on it the devs feel they can give without disclosing info they want to keep under wraps at this stage of the game?

I'm thankful yesterday's hot fix didn't initiate the next wipe, since I selfishly want to enjoy my pilfered "looty" (shameless nod to ShoSho) as long as I can. :)

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The wipes are to reflect a better way of testing. Everyone starts out with the same level of stuff again you can test the new additions to see how well the community can adapt. So say ai changes, loot tables readjusted, traders changed, etc. You can see how well and how quickly each group of player regains their lost stuff.

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