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Aim stabilization

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I would like to suggest a little more in depth aim stabilization in the game. When you stabilize your weapon, you don't hold your breath, you concentrate a little more to control your aim by stabilizing your muscle.

I think that stabilizing your weapon should drain the energy of the soldier (the more effort you put into stabilizing your weapon, the less energy you will have at the end of the raid) instead of the stamina (not direcly).

When you use energy, you become less and less effective. You become distracted, you have a kind of tunnel vision (fixating a wall for no reason), your vision becomes blurry when you stop moving (happens to me when I'm really tired) and you have less stamina. 

So, my suggestion is:

-Don't drain stamina when stabilizing the weapon, use energy instead.

-Implement fatigue effects (prevent people to carelessly hold their breath for 20 minutes while camping in a corner).

-Maybe add a skill for weapon stabilization (concentration: lower the energy degration when stabilizing a weapon and fewer fatigue effects).


Thanks you for your time. Best regards.

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isn't energy and stamina the same basically? dont need multiple bars for each

if you hold your breath while aiming a rifle or shotgun your stamina does go down and you cant do it for long as you start waving the gun before your stamina runs out.. just happened to me today with the DVL10.. i couldnt have it stable for more than about 10 seconds before it started shaking and before my stamina ran out.

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