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Suppressed TT-33 and Spare Mags

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To the USEC Hatchet Player in the Customs Office several hours ago-

When I saw the first door on the right was open, and the breachable door closed, I knew something was up...

When I came through I believe one of two possible things happened-

1) You became another victim of local desync or,

2) You became another casualty of the "open the closed door, race through, and kill them before they can react" phenomenon I read about somewhere.

Either way, my heart was in by mouth as I opened that door.  I was stunned when you didn't seem to react as I lunged at you.  Up until this occasion, I'd lost every knife fight I engaged in.

Your Suppressed TT and spare mags found a good home (the most worthwhile schwag I picked up on the run).

Good Luck with your future Escapes!






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