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Trial Key Contest - Create an EFT Character


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Hello boysies its your friendly neighborhood Support Specialist. I am back again with another exciting contest. This one is available for all users. 

The essence of the contest is this:

Users are tasked with creating a character in the Russia 2028/Escape from Tarkov universe. I will be providing a sample form to help you guys out. 

What about those of us that don't own EFT? How can we create a character in a game we never played!

The answer is simple. Read through the lore sections of the forums! It is packed with screenshots, reports, and all kinds of material to get you well on your way.


The Form (Sample): 
*Note that you don't need to follow the form! it is only to get you started! You can completely freehand this in the form of dairy entries, short story, or whatever you want.

Full name:
Appearance (Hair skin eyes height weight markings and other features):
Social Level/Rank:
Positive Personality Traits:
Negative Personality Traits:
Misc. Quirks:
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: 
Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade:
History (Write a backstory here):

Feel free to include a portrait of your character should you so choose.

How/when will we pick the winner?

Taking into consideration other staff members favorites I will ultimately decide on the winner. Based on the criteria of my favorite character that I feel is complete and believable. (Understand it is hard to grade/judge people on creative endeavors like this, I may do a runner up if I'm torn) Winners receive 7-day Trial key.

The contest will end on Friday, 9/8 at 0000 New York Time. I will pick a winner shortly after.

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Full name: Mikhail Nikitin
Nickname: Krymz
Gender: M
Age: 31
Occupation: Agriculture and Environment engineer, Political activist
Appearance:  1.8m tall, Short Brown hair with a full beard and Green hazel eyes. In good shape yet a bit slim. Always has his hoody, backpack full of useful things.
Social Level: Professional middle class, In the agricultural sector. Also an activist with political and environmental groups on his spare time.
Misc. Quirks: enjoys sarcasm a little too much, is a hoarder and has a bit of hyperactivity.
Likes: Honesty, Comradeship, Nature and animals, tinkering and creating from salvage, sharing, listening to and playing music. Knives.
Dislikes: stupidity, selfishness, aggressiveness, pollution, pop music, corruption.
Hobbies: Guerrilla gardening, computer games, philosophy, green technologies, hunting, cooking
Favored Weapons: Shotguns and AK74-U.
(read as separate chronological "blog" entries.)

I came here with a journalist who contacted me to investigate the recent activities in Tarkov, regarding the infamous Terra Group bio-tech corporation. He was after my knowledge of biology, and the fact that I hated it for the enemy of the people that it was, and therefor knew a lot about it. We were going to go infiltrate one of their labs near a forest plantation, get some samples of whatever we found, hack whatever computers we found, sabotage whatever we found, and get out to check out what we had gathered.

 It was not a simple lab. Simple labs don’t have armed gun mans on patrols that shoot on sight. Now I’m alone and I don’t know the locale. We did not have a place to meet if we got separated. I hope he’s OK. I found an old barn, I’m going to wait the night out and then go back into town and find something to eat, maybe I’ll find the journalist there.

I’d never think I’d get in such a situation. We knew we were going after something big, especially because of what they did in Congo in 2008) but I’m way out of my league. But now I can’t get out because of the complete blockade set up around Tarkov by the B.E.A.R., so I might as well try to finish what I came here for and get to the bottom of it all. More than half of the city has evacuated, and whoever is left is either dead or armed and dangerous. My friend is dead. They found him in the plantation. Someone (obviously Terra group) is arming and procuring goods to the criminal elements that have stayed behind, favouring the most ruthless and cunning of them, in their image. I better lay low for a bit and get my surrounding right.

 I found a spare key outside of an unoccupied summer house by the shoreline, and I’m using it as a stach to hide the stuff I don’t need to carry with me, in the meantime of finding a way to find out who and what that corporation is involved with. I also managed to get in contact with a handful of traders, which is going to be useful if I ever want to do what I’ve got to do.

I met a B.E.A.R. today. I thought I was going to die. I was looking around a pharmacy for some gauze and bandages, when all of a sudden I get brightened by a flashlight from really close, a big voice yelling at me to get my hands up. Good thing I didn’t have a gun on me, for a change. After acknowledging that we were not enemies and that posed no threat, we chatted for a bit, and he told me that we had the same goal. We both wanted to take Terra Group down, and they could use more able bodies to take the threat down. I told him I’d think about it. Corporations and government are like a married couple; they might bicker and even fight once in a while, but in the end they are always a couple no matter what. Would helping them in this situation be proactive, or would it blow up in my face eventually later on? They could always cover things up in the higher echelons of power and administration, something like a facade of resistance to the corporation. I can’t decide what to do.

Right now I need some food and a lighter to start a fire, the nights are starting to get cold. I need to find a way to hide the smoke of the fire somehow first though, otherwise I’ll just be asking for unwanted visitors. I see a factory, on the other side of town, maybe 5 to 10 km away. I’ll walk there tomorrow, see if I can find anything useful and light enough to bring back with me. Or maybe find a new place for a hideout that would be safer, more hidden or at least warmer at nights.

red militia small.png

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Full name: Vladislav Shukov
Nickname/Title: Stechkin
Occupation: Self-employed
Appearance (Hair skin eyes height weight markings and other features): 1.78 cm, Black hair, Brown eyes, 79 kg, Wolf tattoo on the left arm, Scorpion tattoo on the right arm
Social Level/Rank: Brigadir of the Tarkov Bratva
Positive Personality Traits: Fearless, Relentless, Loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Violent, Suspicious, Racist 
Misc. Quirks: Smart, sarcastic violent person. 
Likes: Drinking, Shooting, Partying and Vandalizing 
Dislikes: Hates everyone, but members of Tarkov Bratva
Hobbies: Scavenging, Shooting, fishing.
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Tarkov Bratva
Enemies: Everyone 
Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: Stechkin pistol, AK-74
History (Write a backstory here): Vladislav Shukov was born in city of Tarkov, growing up in the dysfunctional family with mother being alcoholic and father thief. He spent his childhood out on the streets of Tarkov, knowing every ally and hole in the city. He killed first when he was 13 years old. Vladislav and his 2 other friends were robbing a convenient store when police came and caught his frend Serg he stepped up for him and killed both officers with Stechkin pistol, that is when he got his nickname "Stechkin".

When he turned 16, his fathers friend took Vlad under his wing in the Tarkov Bratva, he quickly moved up the chain of commend from regular runner to Brigadir of the Tarkov Bratva, controlling the East side of the city. 


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Full name: Cian Fitzgerald 
Nickname/Title: Fitz
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Occupation: Ex Royal Marine 45 Commando
Appearance: Dark Brown hair with highlights of grey throughout, green eyes with shades of blue, 1.82m, 85KG, scar across left cheek, full tribal tattoo sleeve on right arm, Name and birth date tattoo of his daughter on left wrist (Madelyn Fitzgerald - 17/04/2012) a full brown beard with grey forming around the chin up to the ear, the bridge of his nose is slightly crooked from a fight with a ex BEAR
Social Level/Rank: Lower class, obtained the rank of Sergeant
Positive Personality Traits: Assertive, brave, aware, Dynamic, Intelligent
Negative Personality Traits: Cynical, short temper, offensive joker, cruel and unforgiving
Misc. Quirks: Always wears a lucky titanium ring given to him as a gift from his deceased father. Gets physically angry when people mispronounce his name as Cy-an  rather than Ki-an, because of his age, his stamina is inefficient meaning he can't run too far without getting out of breath or a stitch, he makes up for this with his tactical abilities
Likes: Loves rain storms, acoustic guitar melodies, toilet humor, fishing, camping
Dislikes: Long distance travel in Aircraft, Marmite, rude people, taxation, bad drivers
Hobbies: Riding through the country roads on his 1971 Triumph T100R Daytona, taking his daughter to the local zoo, on his spare time, he goes Airsofting to keep himself occupied on the weekend when his daughter is with the mother, loves to scuba dive with his friends once in a blue moon. Hunting animals back in his home soil Ireland.
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Made a several friends in the USEC uniform
Enemies: Due to the friendship with USEC and the stories he's heard, Cian doesn't give the BEARS a second thought when it comes to taking their lives
Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: Cian has a Gerber Silver Trident Combat Knife that has an engraving of his daughters first name (Madelyn) he also has a Browning Hi-Power that has a been through many years of usage, has a tendency to jam once in a while as this pistol was once carried by his father, Cian can't give it up because of its sentimental value
History: Cian was born in Drogheda where he spent many years under the guidance of his father Jack Fitzgerald, being home schooled, his father took him hunting regularly for Foxes, Deer and Rabbits, teaching him the essence of hunting and stealth, this in turn helped Cian learn the fundamentals of weaponry, when Cian was aged 16, his father passed his Browning Hi-Power pistol as a birthday present which he has kept over the years, Cian Enlisted in the Royal Marines not long after, after 9 months of hard training he was awarded his Green Beret, Cian didn't see the field of battle until 1991 where he was deployed in Operation Safe Haven to protect the Kurds, in 1994 he took part in Operation Vigilant Warrior in Kuwait to bolster the Coalition Forces.

In 1997, his father passed away, Cian was given time to grieve, this loss greatly impacted his personality, he became cold in his ways, leaving any thought of compassion behind him, he was Discharged in November 1997 due to his mental state, as time went on, he met his wife Tara in 2009, getting married in 2010, their daughter was born 2 years later but their marriage soon broke down because of Cian's short temper which had been a problem in his life since his father passed away.

Cian eventually found himself making friends with the PMC group USEC in 2013, they had talked him into joining up because of the benefits they all got, it wasn't long after that Cian found himself lost in the city of Tarkov, where he has to fight every day against Scavs and BEARS, the years haven't been kind to Cian but he never lost the fire in his heart, regardless of his age, his tactical knowledge keeps him alive, it keeps him moving, knowing one day he might get out of Tarkov and return back to his Irish homeland to see his daughter once again.


Feel free to correct anything! :D

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(I am doing this for a friend to try the game with me. If that is not acceptable that is okay, as I find this game interesting either way and this was fun)



A diary driver.

Could you believe it? It's been four years and I can't even remember what driving is like. All on foot now. Deliveries are different of course, standard painkillers and medical equipment. You'd have to be stupid to go alone. You would get killed. So we move in groups. Heavily armed with what we can find and what is provided to us. Everyone living in this world now  is working for someone. Some for drugs, some for weapons. Me?

I have a son.

We were semi-lucky of course. In a hunting lodge with several hidden compartments. We lived safely for a while, the guy we found dead was a prepper. Some Nazi Zombie bull-crap. He had food for years, and my son is still there. Yet, I am out here risking my life with these other savages. These are not people you know.. Saw one swallow gunpowder just to scare others, another playing Russian roulette for a MRE we scavenged. Ruined a perfectly nice picture hanging in the apartment. Shame.

Right, I work for medicine. My son. Diabetic. I work for insulin. Although it is plentiful at the clinic I work, it is not cheap. I work for a dose daily, never being able to see him much, once a week maybe. He is loved, and he does not understand the way of the world now, but he will.

We raid nights only. We lose a good four men out of a six man squad every time. Addicts that can't watch their steps. Don't see mines or understand that the smallest misstep can mean being ambushed.

Again though. I have a son.

I work nights, all nights. I sleep with the Clinics men guarding me because I do good work. I make good hauls and I keep men alive. Although my path is through the minefields and scavengers, I avail myself of no dangers. I will bring life to those alive, no matter the state of the world.

I have a son.

*Found in a notepad in a pile of six bodies*

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Full name: James Maven
Nickname/: soul stopper
Occupation:ex special ops/detective
Appearance (blackHair flattop tanskin hazel eyes height 5'7weight220 markings tattoo on lower arm of an dragon and. On the other. Arm a cross with the date 2027. bullet wounds scars upper right shoulder and2 in left knee1is  2in from the knee cap the other upper thigh
Social Level/Rank: captain before dishonorable Discharge war crimes pending 
Positive Personality Traits: top marksmanship with m4, Emr. Has leadership skills  six sense. In combat situations. Also 2ed in command combat doctor  
Negative Personality Traits: easy to set off. always has his own vendetta with team mates unstable mentality. 3rd degree psd, alcoholism 
Misc. Quirks: always has a half cigar in his mouth .after killing He checks the body the spits on it after then if it dosent compromise the mission at hand set the body on fire 
Likes: puppies, dope & beer,  guns 
Dislikes: scavs ,terrorist,cocky mofos ,and people in general 
Hobbies: reading , and weapon collecting from swords- guns
Group/Guild/Clan affiliation:N/A under us law pwd6582 
Enemies: any one thats he seems fit to die
Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: m4, emr ,aug,shotguns,any ak ,any dmr & sniper rife, 249,m60,bombs foreign  and domestic. Knifes
History ): sign up in the army  when he was 18 son of an 3 star army General did two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in the 2019U.S.  N. Korea war. Then 2 combat. Missions in black ops before disappearing. In Russia was married wife Victoria &1son Viktor  Became a cop 2022 then 2027 his partner deid in a routine traffic stop move up to detective in aug2028 around the same time the U.N showed up with questions about the docks . Dec2028 wife &son died in arm robbery. At torkov bank in the city. Has not been the same sents 


Ps.dont pick mine did this for fun and already have the game

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Well done to all entries I love seeing people flex their creative muscles.

The winner is... @Krymz_ with his Guerrilla gardener

Congratulations to him. I will be contacting you with a key shortly.


After reading through the entries several times I've decided to give a runner-up prize to @sergeib4332 for his "I have a son" series of dairy entries. While they weren't as in line with the other entries in this competition I felt that some thought went into the entry and I feel it was well written.

I have decided to award both of these contestants with a 7-day Trial key!

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