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Diffrent stash in diffrent characters?


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So, i heard you can have 3 diffrent characters BUT if you have 1 in USEC and 2 on BEAR and you play primarly on BEAR can you get your BEAR character stuff on stash and put them on USEC operators inventory trough stash? Or is stash like character personal? And if it is personal will you have pre-order bonuses on each of the characters? So to simplify im asking Can you have more than 1 stash or not?

I didnt find (Again im so greatly stupid) any other related topics to this.

Thank you all for information :)

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14 hours ago, Claus said:


we are still considering the best options on this. Probably, will find the final decision during testing.

I think it would be best to have a stash for each faction, so 1 stash for BEAR, and 1 for USEC.

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