Thinking of buying hacks out of frustration.

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Hey guys! 
I'm relatively new to the game at level 23. 

And.. Uhm, yeah. You read the title. This is getting ridiculous. I've almost had enough. I did the same thing in cs:go after 1500 hours trying to combat cheaters and devs not doing anything that affected the situation. I got away with it for almost a year and half. Didn't get detected by VAC but Overwatch..

So this game. 

I get it, it's in Beta. But this is getting ridiculous. I have been oneshot, killed through walls, I've seen people run fast as wind and fly high as clouds... I've emptied half a mag of AK74 ammo into a person point blank range, all chest. He gave me a cute wiggle and then oneshot me. Me and my friend have got killed almost 30 seconds apart at the beginning of the woods run. I spawned near the huge cliff and myfriend next to the red huge building..

So yeah, it's really becoming troublesome. Some people say the developers ban in waves and a wave was supposed to be here a few days back but I just can't see it..

I've been browsing the web for EFT hacks and there are tens of pages advertising hax, multiple youtube videos. Even the ones that russians make and cost money.. 

I have resorted to cheating once in the past as I mentioned. And I really do not want to do it again. But.. This game, that I paid money for, is not what I paid for. 

And please.. Mods, don't just say that Anti-Cheat system is in place or it was server desync. Last time when I even had a video and commented on twitter they said the same thing and then deleted the comments. Which, btw I wasn't the only one commenting.

I really hope some of you can relate and just doesn't template me as a "whiny b*tch". 

Thank you!


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