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Cheaters cought on video


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Hello dear EFT developers and players!

Have been playing EFT with my pal and been enjoying  A LOT!
Though these few days we had these two incidents that made us greatly doupt about our foes sincerity.

Possible cheaters names are 

In both videos we can´t hear any gun sounds, no bullet hits on anywhere. Just us taking hits and dying in vein.

Also on second clip we and propably everyone on map died in same exact moment, even we wre propably far apart.


I hope that ultimate russian wrath will fall upon these two human scums :).



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4 minutes ago, voxnoiro said:

Is this really cheating? I've died at least 20 times like this in the woods, sometimes even fully geared.  I always assume it's a sniper? 

Snipers can't 1 shot you with helm or chest. a sv-98 can finish off 1 entire bodypart and that's it not killing you without a second shot. they don't even have a silencer yet.

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As much as we appreciate the enthusiasm of this we do not accept hack reports at this time.

The anti cheat bans in waves and we have had one recently. In the future we may look into the ability of having a report feature, but at this time there is not

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