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worth upgrading from standard to PFE edition?

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All in all, I would consider upgrading if I had the money and wish to support the devs, but that's that. 

It's totally up to you. Bigger secure container is a noticeable quality of life improvement, especially if account wipes get frequent, but it can be obtained with a bit of patience.

Bigger stash is also nice, but you should be able to upgrade this at some point in the full game.

Same goes for the other rewards, bonus equipment doesn't really excite me, as it's more fun just to earn it. Similar thing for trader standing. Hard to evaluate how big of an impact this might have; myself, I wouldn't want to feel robbed of the gameplay when making choices who to side with.

If you are enjoying the game as it is, I don't think you actually need any of the listed upgrades. If you feel that you need to upgrade to get enjoyment out of EfT, I think it's a big red flag right there. Chances are you'll spend quite a bit of money only to see that not much has changed anyway.

I've been contemplating the stash size myself and came to the conclusion that if the current stash is not enough for me, bad hoarding habits will fill a bigger stash just as quickly. Do I *actually* need all these things? Shouldn't I rather be using these items to.... y'know play the game?


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