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Coughing and whining

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I really wish there was an option to hold your breath instead of coughing. Its so frustrating when you get shot, have to retreat and take cover only for your character to start coughing on a loud speaker alerting everyone on the map exactly where you are. I know meds do this to an extent but when you have no meds its so annoying. I've never been shot irl but if I was hiding and any noise resulted in my sudden and brutal death I would try my best to stop myself coughing, even if just temporarily.  So how about a skill or even just in general where you can hold your breath for 10-20 seconds so you can take cover without gifting a player an easy location?


Also, are there any plans to take out the character whining and groaning when they have died? Not only is it unrealistic if you get shot in the face 5 times to have a player start mumbling words but it also makes the game a bit too easy (I say easy, this is the hardest game i've ever played!!)  when all you have to do is listen to the death whine for kill confirmation. Maybe only have it for body and limb shots. Close proximity explosive kills and headshots should prevent this imo.

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