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The Basic Documentation

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The present version contains the essential data only. The specific rule can be found in The Extensive Documentation.

The Introduction

What is this?
It is a forum RPG.

Properly speaking, the character images his actions. It’s a kind of endless story or narration about his adventures. The GM (Game master — the person managing the game process) introduces the situations and the results of the turns and your actions so it depends on the player what the game is going to look like. As in any other RPG here one has to face both the real people — the players — and NPC (non-player characters or bots).

The scene takes place in Norvinsk region — an imaginary territory of Russia.

Creating a character

Prior to starting the game process the player has to sign up in the forum and create a character.

The description of the character should be posted in New Participants thread of Game forum. To create character the player has to make up his brief (or long) biography in accordance with the following scheme:

  1. Character’s name.
  2. Character’s description.
  3. His background.
  4. The story of his finding himself in Tarkov.
  5. His leanings.
  6. His friends. If they are the Character’s changeless. companions, their descriptions are welcome.
  7. His wounds and fights.
  8. His ambitions.
  9. His the most noted conduct.

Then after placement of the character’s description you have to share 20 points for three key characteristics and choose the speciality like this:

  • Strength (20 at the beginning)
  • Accuracy (20 at the beginning)
  • Endurance (20 at the beginning)

For example:

  • Strength 20 + 10
  • Accuracy 20 + 4
  • Endurance 20 + 6

Moreover, in the beginning your experience is equal to 0, level is 1 and the player has one rank for choosing the speciality.

Ina short while the player will be informed of the completion of the new character creating.

Please note! Take your time at creating the character, read this document to the end first and then decide on the character’s features.




The strength factors into the weight you can carry, affects the health parameter  and defines the potency in close quarters.


The more enduring you are the more difficult it is to your enemies to kill, poison you or somehow damage your health. This characteristic also slightly affects the character’s ability to carry the burdens and have a meaningful effect on the health parameter.


It is used at estimating the possibility of striking the enemy when using any type of weapons except bladed weapon and in close quarters.

The more accurate you are the higher your chances to damage the enemy.


The higher this parameter the better for you.

If you have enough health no the special ops units or hell hounds or ground point is a problem for you. So you get it, right? When your health is equal to zero your character “dies”.

Maximum health

As one can guess, it is the maximum level of health parameter. Used a a reference for estimating the survival rate in different situations.


The level of your proficiency. Upon getting the certain amount you reach the next level. More details about experience can be found below.


There are 20 levels and the character starts the game at level 1. Getting the certain amount you reach the next level. Each new level gives you 15 more points to three key characteristics ( Strength, Endurance, Accuracy).

The player can get 100 points maximum for Strength, Endurance and Accuracy.

Below one can find the list of the experience amount required for reaching the next level.

1 level – 0 of experience

2 level – 300 of experience

3 level – 650 of experience

4 level – 1050 of experience

5 level – 1500 of experience

6 level – 2000 of experience

7 level – 2550 of experience

8 level – 3150 of experience

9 level – 3800 of experience

10 level – 4500 of experience

11 level – 5500 of experience

11 level – 5500 of experience

12 level – 6650 of experience

13 level – 7850 of experience

14 level – 9100 of experience

15 level – 10300 of experience

16 level – 11700 of experience

17 level – 13200 of experience

18 level – 14800 of experience

19 level – 16500 of experience

20 level – 18500 of experience



Every new character may decide on his role. This role is defined by the chosen skills / specialities. The skills appointing the role have the ranks. The player chooses the skill he wants to improve. In this way the character obtains a profession step by step. The start value of all the skills is zero.

The points for improving the skills are granted when reaching the 4,7,10,13,16,20 levels (1 point at each shift) and at the game start, at 1 level, of course (1 point).

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Also there are the so-called Habits – knowledge and skills. They are granted at level up and can be “purchased” for the points that improve the characteristics and/or by certain success in missions, remarkable achievements and if you are a part of some significant event. 
It is important to remember that it is a role play so importance of impersonating prevails over . Not everything is determined by the figures. If the player doesn’t act his part the character will determinelose his skill or habit or something unpredictable will happen to him.  
Please read and understand the Speciality Bonuses Chart. 

Speciality bonuses
So there is a sum up of the foregoing information: 
Start: 20 points for characteristics and 1 rank point at player’s choice. 1 level. Experience: 0. At every level up the player is granted with 15 points for characteristics that can be disposed at the player’s discretion. 
Only at achieving level 1,4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20 the players are granted with the points for improving the skills. 1 point at every level up. 
Besides, every new character is given 200 conditional currency units (It is a Game this term is given without any connection to the real currencies. The local slang term for them is rusties since the notes are rustling),10 foodstuffs packs and ordinary protective dressing. 
The experience is gain at: 

  • Mutilation towards nearest and distant enemies. 
  • Constructing various kind of weapons and equipment (for engineers; the amount of gained experience depends on the complexity of the created object). 
  • The return from Tarkov being alive and with trophy (the amount of experience depends on coolness of the loot and their number. If the character was killed in Tarkov and evacuated he will gain a very little amount of experience). 
  • Doing the tasks of the Merchant, Special combat mission, and other subjects giving the experience (herewith the player can gain not only the experience). 
  • Performing various conducts and deeds that are critically important for the storyline and doing the quests.

If the enemy is terminated by the group the gained experience will be divided and shared between all the members of this group except those who didn’t take part in the fight. For killing the several enemies at once the player gains their summarized experience corresponding to the amount and grade of the enemies (so the more killed enemies – the more gained experience).

If the character is down for the count (in other words, if the enemy or some not-nice person takes the character out) the player will gain only 10% of the experience that he could receive in case of determination of the enemies. If all the group dies these 10% will be divided between all the members of the group.


Health Center, Life and Death matters

Medical aid can be easily arranged by using any first-aid kit on yourself or injured fighter (it is not necessary that it should be a fighter from your cartel, being in Trakov in one group with him is enough). The characteristics and affection of the first-aid kits are placed on the kits, of course.

Please note the injector kits can be used with the various cartridges only (more details – in the Store and objects description).

The practice of the characters’ death is as follows at the moment:

The character can’t die entirely and permanently (counting out the extreme cases and if it is the player’s request only). But at certain health characteristic point (usually 10-15% of general health or at GM’s discretion) the character can lose consciousness.    

At health characteristic point equal to zero the character not only loses consciousness or has a contused wound or goes into coma, but he is in a terminal state, between life and death, having bad injury and wounds or toxication, depending on the cause of fatal injuries.

These states when the health characteristic point is equal to zero take a heavy toll on the character. He gets certain states – Injuries, Sickness, Affects. Also please note: at the GM’s discretion the character can get injuries at wounds that don’t downgrade the health characteristic to zero. They are marked as the habits in the same section of game bar. These states can be cured by providing specific  and rather expensive medical assistance. All these states have descriptions mentioning all their negative effects.

More details in this regard are below.

If the player is a loner:

After encountering the "dirt place", radiation or “usual” death death of the character there comes the reanimation or evacuation stage. The unknown men or women find the body simmering down and revive it. And here the most interesting part starts.

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You possibly will be dragged to the nearest base or  transload center, and not certainly by the PMC fighters – you can by found by anyone else depending on your luck and the situation.

In most cases the goner is found by the Evacuators that revive him.  The further adventures are as follows: the revived character is being delivered to the nearest Private Military Company base or the body is transported to the close-in official checkpoint at the Norvinsk region perimeter. As a rule the evacuators expropriate a part of artifacts found at the body by way of compensation for their services. Or they can draw up an account that has to be paid.

This is besides the payment for the treatment at the hospital.

Of course, there’s always a chance that you won’t be dragged anywhere and your body can be just fleeced of everything valuable and left behind. And who and how quickly will find you is all at a venture.


If the player is a part of a group.

After encountering the radiation, poison or “usual” death of the character there comes the reanimation or evacuation stage if only:

  • -    The members of the group have no meds suitable for reviving;
  • Nobody allows to use the first aid kits for the goner fighter or there is no chance to do it due to circumstances.

Some security-minded guys may ask, what if all the team is taken out?

So the answer is: everything is the same as it goes for the loner.

Also one should remember that sometimes the player has to additionally pay for the occupational therapy as far as the on-site treatment is pale in comparison with the in-patient care which is likely to be necessary after the evacuation of the half-dead character from Tarkov. In some cases one has to stay in hospital many a day (or, speaking in technical terms, many a Turn).

When the chatacter is out of the bounds of Tarkov he recovers from all the toxications on his own and with every character’s turn the health restores for 50%. If one doesn’t want to wait for recovery for one turn or two he can use the first aid kits or find a special man who can rapidly heal him against certain consideration (In this regard the player has to reach the NPC providing these services by addressing one of the GMs counting the turns).


«Have a good meal!»

As experience confirms no foodstuff will get you only so far.

Just as in a real life a character needs to eat something so there Food is presented in our game. It can be bought in the Store and lets the player to move around Tarkov without any risk of flaking out caused by starvation. Special scrypt and unwinking GM keep a check on the well-timed satisfying of hunger. 1 unit/pack of food is consumed by one character within 1-2 turns. Besides the usual Food there is provisions that can be gained by hunting in Tarkov: rats, rat wolves, blind dogs and wild boars are comestible. But consuming such food can cause poisoning – Tarkov is a place where toxical agents and radiation are not the uncommon things.

In case of intoxication you have a chance to get cured by using the first aid kit. Or keep on moving around poisoned and die slowly.

A long-term (more than two turns) starving leads to sheer exhausting or the character and he loses consciousness. Then his half-dead body is being found by the evacuators or somebody carries it on his shoulders to the nearest checkpoint. No first-aid kits are waisted in this case and all your belongings except artifacts remain at your body. They will have the same fate as at evacuation. For rehabilitation in the hospital you will be asked to pay pretty cash.

“Within one-two days? And what if I move being starving?” - may ask the most Ingenious players.

Right, one can move feeling hungry and consuming 1 pack of food for two turns, but in this case all his bonuses given by his speciality will be left out. (situation is alike with the reboot).


The conclusion. The availiability of the first med kit suitable for revival guarantees the safety of your belongings in case of death if only they are won’t be taken as a trophy.

The Inventory

Every character has his own inventory. It contains all his purchased, found or stolen belongings. In addition to it the character possesses 2 slots for weapons, 1 slot for armour, 1 for equipment and one slot for harness.

 Going to Tarkov you take only the contents of these slots and some other things that can be put in the backpack (the characteristics of each object  are placed on it).

To enter the inventory you have to push the button “Store” in the left upper corner of the page. It opens the menu of your inventory (The lines like Ammunition, My Weapons, My Armour and so on are on the left) and the menu of the Store (the lines like Weapons Store, Variety Store and so on are also on the left).

Evaluate your ability of carrying the burden carefully – being overburdened the character loses the bonuses of his speciality (just like when starving) and becomes much slower (covers only one sector at two turns) so it’s easier for the enemies to disclose him. Please remember that the character always carries some certain weight on him; his oversuit, radioset and its batteries, watches, compass, toothbrush and so on. This weight balances between 9 and 14 kilos depending on winter or summer season.


Please note you can make the hidings and caches within all the Norvinsk Region. It is really helpful especially when you cannot take everything you have found with you or there are some other reasons to save the objects at the certain place.

The cache won’t remain at the designated place forever – animals, chemical pollution usual passers-by n Tarkov can ruin or despoil the cache.

To arrange the hiding in Tarkov have to address the GM and indicate the objects placed there and some marks that can help you to find your hiding. Maybe it is worth to place a tripwire or a trap near your hiding to give a kick to large handed people anxious to grab other people’s stuff.

The items exchange between the players in Tarkov is possible only if these players are standing in one sector and they meet each other. The exchange is performed by a common passing the objects.

The carriage of the belongings you have taken with you  and/or any other burden  whose weight is calculated by GM causes the following changes in going on foot along the Norvinsk region in daylight hours:

  • 65 kilos and less – no decrease in speed, the additional night passage to another sector at the same turn is possible (approx. from 21 p.m. to 01 a.m. in summer and from 19 p.m. to 23 p.m. in winter), but blind (meaning on instruments)
  • From 66 to 85 kilos – speed is a half of your normal one. When passing to more than one sector the possibility of trapping in the trap is higher by 20% (your attention is distracted because of the burden and the tiredness amassing faster that usually), the additional night passing is not  possible;
  • 86 and more  – going on foot is impossible due to overload; going can be  performed only by the transport mean that can pull the character’s and his burden’s weight.

The clothes

A few words regarding the wearing or more precisely, under clothes. Field coat, shoes, warm clothing are included in weight constant and are changed depending on the season. But the underwear is the independent item that can be bought in the store and can be replaced by something of a better quality. Every character is given the most common clothes at the beginning. It gives a basic radiation protection and can be replaced by the special anti-radiation suit. Some suits can give a partial protection from biological or chemical weapons. As a rule these suits are expensive, heavy and sometimes uncomfortable in wearing.


Run out

In our game many items have a Run Out parameter and fire-arms have a Dirtying parameter. In regard with different items the amortization has a bit different sense but in general it means the degree of the objects run out.

The amortization is indicated as «Run out/Max. Run out» (E.g. 546/1000).

Maximum run out is a value that the undamaged item can have.

That means 100/100 is an entirely harmless item. 1/100 is a totally outspent item that is literally collapsing. The zero value for run out doesn’t exist: in this case it is a broken item.

So the player has to remember that the higher the run out value - the better: 100/100 is an undamaged item, 1/100 is a broken one.

Besides, for the bullets the run out indicated their remaining amount in the cartridge. For example, 30/30 is a full cartridge with 30 bullets.1/30 is a cartridge with only one bullet left – to eat your gun, probably. As soon the amount of bullets comes to zero, the cartridge is being destroyed.

In regard of the first aid kits the run out indicated the number of remaining meds in it. The more often you use the kit the less meds you have there.

Some curious people may ask if the weight of a cartridge with one remaining bullet is the same as of the full one.

The answers is “No”: the weight of the cartridge reduces due to the rundown of the bullets amount  – the practice of this matter is logical and fine.  

So what the run out is inherent with?

At having a look at the Detailed Documentation one can understand that the run out weapon fires on the angle and often wedges up. The weapon runs out at shooting, of course. A rough estimate is 1 shot – 1 run out point. See more information in the Detailed Documentation.

The run out armour conducts more damage what is hurtful for your health. Needless to say, if you are wearing a perforated body armor the bullets will strike in open skin areas. And for sure the armour runs out if it is being shot at, cut, torn, bitten, poured with acid, burnt or damaged in any other way.

Putting it in crude terms, 1 point of reflected damage = 1 point of armor run out. See more information in the Detailed Documentation.

The totaled equipment can’t be used (it is subject to the detectors in particular). Every turn the used detector runs out for one point. In time it becomes so wasted that it finally conks out.

It is to be noted that using the equipment with run out level less than 25% (In other words, damaged enough) is less effective in comparison with using of undamaged one. 

To avoid such bad hardships the player has to repair the items timely. It can be performed in the store out of Tarkov (it’s more expensive) or by your own hands (if you are the Engineer). Note that some items can be fixed in Tarkov, too, but not all of them, unfortunately. Part of the items can be fixed providing the presence of certain skills only or cannot be fixed at all – like bullets.

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As it was mentioned above the fire arms have the dirtying parameter that differs from one fight to another. In crude terms 1 shot = 1 dirtying point. The environment baneful influence increases the dirtying – for example, the moor is a very dirty place so the gun gets dirty much faster what no doubt has sense.

The dirtier your gun the faster it runs out. A very dirty weapon can’t be long-running. The Detailed Documentation can provide you with more information. But please keep in mind that the dirty weapon runs out disastrously quickly.

The dirtying is indicated as Dirtying/Max. dirtying. In regard with this parameter the situation is opposite to the Run out parameter: The higher the dirtying is worse to you so 0/100 is an absolutely clean weapon and 100/100 is a ball of mud.

Thus the weapon has to be cleaned properly to nullify the dirtying where convenient. There are special kits for gun cleaning. The character can take them with him to Tarkov and clean the weapon right there. Also it can be done out of bounds of Tarkov and by any person but note that the engineers cope with it better due to more economy using of the kit.

That’s right, ironically the cleaning kit runs out as well.


The stores

There are seven stores in the forum.

  • The forum items store. All the items that are sold there are not related with the Game.
  • The weapons store. Most of items that are sold there can be put in weapons slot, some of them – into the secondary weapons slot.
  • The armour store. All the items sold there can be put into the armour slot.
  • The equipment store. Most of items that are sold there can be put in equipment slot.
  • The ammunitions. No doubt what is sold there, right? Bullets, grenades and so on.
  • Variety Store. There are various things: army greens, binoculars, the small and the big first aid kits, et cetera.
  • The store for engineers – everything for engineers, as one can easily guess: from spare parts to schemes and instruments.


Some items are presented plenteously and others are rare things. A good few of goods are often delivered (every day), others – rarely (every other day or even every fifth day). If the item is going to be delivered it happens at 3 a.m. (Moscow time).

Monitor the deliveries and don’t forget that you can order the delivery of goods (in urgent case) from the Merchant for some additional charge. This Merchant can sometimes get something for cheap for you. Also there are representatives of ___________ and Institute. The main thing is having channels…


The trade system

The trade system between characters is very easy-to use. As a first step you have to settle the price with the character you are going to exchange with or to discuss the items exchange with possible extra payment if it is a barter.

After you have agreed on you need to enter the store and chose the needed action  in the menu on the left: “Hand over the item" or “Transfer the money” to the named character.

If you are not given the money after the item exchange (in other words, you’ve been done out), the administrator won’t help you – it could also happen in a real life so it isn’t considered as cheating.

On the other hand you can ask the merchant or some influential player to help you, but hardly ever this service would be a free one.

The most items can be sold in a special thread of Game forum – The Market. After the deal you send the item and get the money.

The Merchant –cunning and crooked junkie – deals not only with the PMC fighters but with the wreckers and evil creatures also. He receives stolen goods as well.

Don’t forget that the Profiteer is not the only one who sells the necessary thing in Tarkov. Seek and you will find.



You can earn money in various ways. The most common one is getting hands on some artifacts and selling them. There are few alternative ways – robbery, fights and so on. The performing the tasks also may be generously awarded. And if you managed to explore new areas and forward the report in this regard to the Institute you are going to be awarded, too. Besides, the players may collect and sell the items or repair them.

The questions like “Why cannot I buy __________? There’s a plenty of these things in the market near my house!” are considered to be provocative and subjected to persecution by the Blind Dogs till the inquiring player is shitless.


In Tarkov or not?

At entering/leaving Tarkov this parameter is automatically shifted.

Meanwhile you are in Tarkov, you cannot buy or hand over the items to the characters who are outside the Tarkov. The exchange of any and all items is possible with those players who are in one sector with you and if you have an opportunity to pass them the item freely. For exchange the standard procedure of passing the items. If you want to arrange the hiding or get some trophies you need to address the GM.  

Changing the containing of the slots within Tarkov  is surely possible. For example, you can put the gun it the backpack and take the scattergun out. Providing you have it with you, of course.


Accidental encounters

During your presence in Tarkov you can meet the enemy (one or a number of them). When you see him there is a chance to avoid the fight and this chance varies from one speciality to another.

There are many other characters including other players  in Tarkov besides your enemies. The kind of intercommunion with them is on choice of the  player.


The chance of avoiding the fight being a part of the group is equal to the minimum chance of the member of this group.

If the group contains of snoopers only the chance to avoid the fight is equal to the chance corresponding to the lowest rank of the snooper is presenting in this group.


The Job

In our Game there is an opportunity of earning money by performing certain tasks from different interested individuals. The breadth of offered jobs is the widest: to give an excursion for tourists, wipe out the monsters’ liar which the army men can’t or don’t want to be distracted for, deliver some cargo to the Institute Camp, this cargo protection or the contract of the wreckers…Lots of tasks are presented. Monitoring and accepting the offers is performed in the Jobs section.


The map

You have to use the map for registering your marches. This very map is used in the game course and by GM for keeping track of the game. 


The sectors of Tarkov

As one could notice, the map is divided in the separate sectors. They have been already mentioned before. What the sector is?  It’s the certain bounded area with its own properties.

Each sector has its co-ordinates, type of locality, parameters  of biological and abnormal activities and radiation.

The type of locality is based on 8 parameters. In one sector there could be a waterway, road, highway, field, wood, river, moor and the city at once or any combination of these 8 parameters. They affect the fight (for example, in the city the chance of shooting with fire arms is less) and the weapons dirtying (in the moor the gun gets dirty very quickly). See more information in the Detailed Documentation. Besides, the types of locality can influence your portraiture, the GM’s decisions and so on.

The biological activity is a conventional relative parameter of presence of the living creatures in the sector. It is gaged by the devices. The possible value is from 0 to 100%. The higher this Value the more the possibility of meeting the creatures.

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The abnormal activity is a conventional relative parameter of chemical activity in the sector, gaged by the detectors. The possible value is from 0 to 100%. Your chance to get in it is approximately equal to one third of the chemical activity. Of course, the detectors give certain bonuses.

The radiation – very injurious phenomenon presenting everywhere in Tarkov. Every move you spend in the sector you get the radiation dose that presents in this sector. The doses are summed up, radiation is accumulated and every move you lose heath – the amount depends on the radiation poisoning.

The certain clothing or special anti-radiation suits can give a partial protection from radiation.

All these parameters can be observed in Sector Information section of the game panel. Their values are given with allowances made for the devices you have (and use). If you don’t have any – the values are given by sight.

The fighting system

There is some, and that’s great. In broad lines: the issue of the battle depends not only on the weapons, body armor and equipment used by the character but on his skills and characteristics, the distance of fight, who was the first to attack also, besides, the lying an ambush and arranged traps and so on are taking into account as well.

In the fight you can use the grenades and bladed weapon complementary to the basic weapon that is put into the weapon slot. Also there is a Secondary Weapon slot – it can be used if the basic one misfires. Every weapon has its own ammunition consumption so you’d better keep an eye on amount of bullets, otherwise there’s risk of a misfire and in this case you can’t use the weapon in the fight.

It should be pointed out that such a situation has very bad consequences.

Every member of a winning group can take one item from any killed enemy (if he can carry it, of course) as a trophy. The NPC can be totally cleaned out.

If during the fight the basic weapon misfires the secondary one is automatically used. If there is no secondary weapon – the close quarters starts (fists and swearwords or any bladed weapon) or a grenade is used (if you have any). The chance of misfire is being calculated at shooting for each character. In case of hardship with the weapon misfire the another properly functioning one is used. The misfired weapon will start working again on completing of this battle and by the next firefight it will work properly.  Certainly, in the light of the run out and dirtying.

Also the player may inform the GM prior to the fight about the kind of weapon he uses: grenades (if there is any), close quarters (knives or a fistcuff), grenade launcher or a small weapons he is having on hand - if he is not showing off.

It must be remembered that in most cases the monsters living within Norvinsk region are always ready to attack… Well, they are the animals, what else to expect from them?

Please note you can feel free to carry as many weapons, equipment and body armors with you as you are able to catch up. Those items that are put in slot are accessible for using. You can put in slot any item you have on hand.

The battle can be conducted on various distances. One “square” of the distance is approximately equal to 50 meters. The weapon has parameters which specify at what distance can it be effectively used.

The extreme range for a player to be the first at bringing the fire into action during hours of darkness (or in similar situation – without illuminants) or indoors (without illuminants) without any special devices is mot more than 50-150 meters (depending on  weather conditions and/or some other circumstances).

If the weapon can repeat fire (meaning it is an automatic weapon) it gives the character the three-percent chance to checkmate the enemy for one round of the fight on firing (if it’s a burst, of course).

More about using the grenades and grenade launcher. If you are going to use them in case of the battle you’d better indicate that in pattern of actions per 1 move. And moreover, for your own sake, it is better to specify in what particular situations you are going to use these items.

For example, when meeting the pack of blind dogs 5 heads strong and more are you not only furiously raking everything around you but also throwing the grenades as if you are a howitzer. Remember that the maximum radius of action for a grenade is one “square” of distance.

The cartels

There cartels in the forum. You can join one of them if you are invited. If it is not satisfactory with you – organize your own cartel, for a price, or be a loner. A player can organize both usual and wreckers cartels. Every cartel is provided with the separate and protected forum section. The leader gets the moderator rights for this section. The cartels have a number of advantages – you can use you specialities to the full and have various options like:

  • Items exchange (why selling items if you can pass them to the nooblet in you cartel or come to an agreement with your comrade in arms?).
  • Big groups give the preferences in the battle.
  • The protectorship – somebody is less likely to attack the nooblet who is involved into a powerful cartel.
  • And surely every cartel has his own stunt, an ace in the sleeve.

But all these bonuses are added to the responsibilities of the cartel member and the enemies of the cartel…

The wise organization of the cartel is the leader’s function.

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How to play?

It’s all easy. Well, not very complicated. You may write about your adventures, campaigns or anything else in The Game topic (The Game forum). In the course of the game there take place the casual events – players’ encounters with the enemies or finding the artifacts, meetings with other players and so on. In truth, it all can be restricted by the GM’s imagination and decisions made by the player only.                                

The players have to indicate their actions (and not the imaginative component) per 1 move in the special pattern that can be found in The Store sector of the game panel. This information is used by GM for estimating the actions made by the player and the occasions taking place in the course of the game.

It would be more convenient for GMs to analyze the patterns drawn up in time slots.

Night: sleep till 8 a.m., duties in couples by two hours.

Day: packing up and march off tomorrow. The route is on the map (make the markings), this distance will be covered in for hours, here is the rest halt, there we go again, here’s the rest halt, there is scouting, it takes 2  hours for the certain area (e.g., these several buildings).

The fight: the fight description of the fight if it may happen in the way.

Night: preparation for night quarters.


Now a little bit more about the Game arrangement.

The player starts his trip in the entrance point. The number of these points is to the GM’s discretion. Now there are three entrances within the present bounds of the Norvinsk region the recent of expansion of which was watched by the horror-stricken and shuddered world: in the North-East, South and West. The most mysterious thing is that the old perimeter retained and gained the abnormal characteristics. The safe entering is possible within the former checkpoints only. 

The other bounds perimeter of Tarkov is under strict control of the patrols with riflemen on armored carriers, roadblocks instructed to inflict fire damage and D-30 batteries that are ready to strike the point of the perimeter forcing.

After registration the new players are given the 100 rusties as an uplift +10 foodpacks. Every new player can get a loan if necessary. The amount is fixed - 90 rusties, it is given by GM. You have to address him by the forum mail ( if you’d like to make an anonimous request) or in The Store “The Florist’s nook”  topic.

The player walks through Tarkov, meets the characters (it’s not necessary they are the enemies), collects loot,  in other words, is earning money and experience at every possible way.

It all takes the moves, or turns. Every player has one move to do some action. After you did your move (wasted one turn) and described all the details – wait patiently till GM estimates your actions and gives you the conclusion with the expected results. Then you can make a move again.

GM places the certain number of characters, artifacts and chemical pollution in Norvinsk region. If the player is staying in the sector and isn’t leaving anywhere and having rest his chance to meet the other character increases. If the player starts the search the probability of finding the loot is 70%. If there is any loot, of course.

Again, if there are any other characters nearby. At passing from one sector to another there’s also a probability of getting into the chemical pollution and meeting the enemy or a friendly PMC fighter. You can not find the artifact at such passing.

We mentioned above only few possible actions. Here are all the actions that can be done by the player:


Passing to another sector

The passing to one of eight neighbored sectors. As you can see, you can also pass in cornerways. The probability of getting into the chemical pollution, chance of encounter with the enemy and avoiding the fight or escaping observation at the moment of passing is estimated. If the contact with the enemy takes place and the player was spotted or couldn’t avoid the fighting the enemy is the first to attack and he can do it from the distance convenient to him. And inversely, if the player remains unspotted we will decide how to attack the adversary, from what distance, what weapon to use at striking and if it is worth striking at all. Players can apply various stratagems like enticing the enemy to the chemical pollution. Finding the artifact at passing is possible on extraordinary occasions only.

It takes 3-4 hours to cover sector. This time depends on the chemical pollution, radioactive spots, some sorts of circumstances and hindrances, as well as on enemies that player may meet.

The foot pace in Norvinsk region in the day light is three sectors.

Sometimes, depending on the situation and the character’s opportunities, it is possible to make the extra passing to one more sector at the same move, in the hours of darkness (from 21:00 to 01:00 in summer and from 19:00 to 23:00 in winter, approximately), but please keep in mind that this extra passing increases the risk of getting into the chemical pollution to 20%.

In order to ease the GM’s work and intercept the possible mutual misunderstandings and discrepancies the player is obliged to specify his route in connection with the sectors when filling in the comments to the pattern. Thereat the player has to indicate his destination using the Destination Sector margin in the move pattern.

You are always welcome to attach the map – otherwise GM has to guess how do you cross the sectors. The map can be made up in any drawing  program: the player has to sketch the chosen sectors and mark the rout in dotted line and send the scheme to GM via personal mail in the forum.

The search

The search in the sector of location.

The probability of getting into the chemical pollution, chance of encounter with the enemy and avoiding the fight or escaping observation is estimated. If the contact with the enemy takes place and the player was spotted or couldn’t avoid the fighting the enemy is the first to attack and he can do it from the distance convenient to him. And inversely, if the player remains unspotted we will decide how to attack the adversary, from what distance, what weapon to use at striking and if it is worth striking at all. The chance to find the artifact is to be estimated as well. If it present in this certain sector this chance is equal to 75%. Also you can find someone else’s hiding/cache in the sector, if there is any.



The search in the sector of location.

The probability of getting into the chemical pollution, chance of encounter with the enemy and avoiding the fight or escaping observation is estimated. If the contact with the enemy takes place and the player was spotted or couldn’t avoid the fighting the enemy is the first to attack and he can do it from the distance convenient to him. And inversely, if the player remains unspotted we will decide how to attack the adversary, from what distance, what weapon to use at striking and if it is worth striking at all.

The searching for artifact after the scouting gives a 95% result, the possibility of getting into the chemical pollution is 0%.

If after the scouting the enemy appears in the sector the player searching for the artifact  will most probably remain unspotted and avoid the fight.

Rest (waiting in the sector)/ ambush

The chance of encounter with the enemy and avoiding the fight or escaping observation is estimated. If the contact with the enemy takes place and the player was spotted or couldn’t avoid the fighting the enemy is the first to attack and he can do it from the distance convenient to him. And inversely, if the player remains unspotted we will decide how to attack the adversary, from what distance, what weapon to use at striking and if it is worth striking at all.

While preparing the embush the player may place the landmines, trap wires and any other traps, if he has some, by certain designation to GM. The effectiveness of the embush (meaning will it be spotted by the enemy or not) depends on the player’s skill of blanking off and his capability to avoid the fight.

The hunt

The probability of getting into the chemical pollution and chance to find the edible trophies is estimated.

Here the wild animals are the enemies and they have to be killed  before you start cutting the carcass.

In the sectors where have search, fights or other occasions excepting rest or embush taken place recently the hunt is not effective because the wild animals scatter away being scared up.

The attack

This action can be done if the player is unspotted by the enemy and has a chance to be the first to attack. The sector can be attacked as well but it requires the presence of the fire pointer.

For example, the group sends the scout to the farmstead with the view to mark the road while all the group is having rest of searching in the neighboring sector. After that it should be indicated in the Occasions that the scout disclosed the opponents. In the next move the scout’s group can attack the opponent group that is in the neighboring sector. Thereat the fight conditions can be chosen: the weapon, the distance and so on. In such situation he opponent group almost has no chance to spot the scout’s group – the scout leads his group and corrects their direction.

Special activity

It’s the series of possible activities that can be proposed by GM in connection with the specific situation after the occasion estimating. Or the actions that the player invents and can propose to do taking into account the current situation. Depending on the kind of proposed actions and their approximation the chance to get into the chemical pollution, meet the enemy or find the artifact is calculated.

The success often depends on the correct choice and forethought action.

Master can move the characters within Norvinsk region with the reasonable speed  and define if the characters meet the player. In case of such meeting he informs the player. In one sector there can be placed a number of artifacts – it is at GM’ discretion.

The coolness of the artifacts and the opponents varies on the distance of your penetration in Tarkov. The chance of getting into the chemical pollution is estimated during the fight and in the usual “mode” meaning while you are just passing from one sector to another or searching. The scout is advantageous here due to his ability of feeling the wind.

All the security information regarding your actions and results of your actions can be sent to you by personal mail and not indicated in the Occasions on your request.

Also all the secrets can be discussed both in the cartels forums and by personal mails with the cartel members and GM.

There a following situation may occur: there is a player in the sector and another player (a wrecker, for example) enters it and at finding out the first player intends to tear him to ribbons. What happen then? At the first, the players are informed about encountering each other (at any meeting the players are informed by personal mail or GM writes about it in the Game thread, or both ways are used) and after that the first player’s (he is attacked) chance of avoiding the fight is calculated. If he tells GM or writes in the Game thread that he is retreating there is an alternative of avoiding the fight staying in the same sector and of getting away with hope that the enemy can’t guess where did he escaped to. These alterations are possible in case the player managed to avoid the fight and if he couldn’t – the blood is going to be shed.   

The masters are presented by some people in Norvinsk region and are proactively involved in its routine. But as far as they don’t visit Tarkov (just because they don’t, that’s all) the masters may hire somebody to do the necessary business, supply of lure the insider player or even the whole cartel.

All the occasions of the moves are placed by GM in Occasions thread of the Game forum. Sending the mails to somebody else excepting GM in the Occasions thread is strictly forbidden with the view of preventing flood in the forum.

About groups again:

Groups are groups – there’s no better explanation.

It is several people that march together. You have the opportunity and necessity of forming the groups – in Tarkov player can reside in Tarkov only as a member of a group even if it consists of only one person.

If you don’t have a group you have to use the game panel to create it by choosing the entrance point and the name. In such a way you automatically find yourself in Tarkov that is march out and passing to the sector of entrance point. From this place you can start moving.

Since you created a group you become its leader and can invite new members. All you have to do is to press the button Group Management and choose the player you want to invite.

The invited character may join you (if he is not far from you and is not in some other group) and then he marches with you to Tarkov and will be at the same checkpoint with you. You can start when all are assembled. You can do the moves in the Group Management panel by filling and saving in the action, destination sector, the group’s behavior data. It’s enough to change the part of this information when you do the next move.

The group can be ruled be the leader or the authorized characters appointed by the leader. Ordinary members of the group can’t control the direction of its march but can leave it in any moment. If the player leaves the group in Tarkov the new group consisting of this one character will be automatically created.


If you still have some questions:



Q: Where can I find the technical information about the game (the fighting system rules and so on)?
A: read the Detailed Documentation (Game -> Library -> Detailed Documentation).

Q: Where can I write about creating the new character?
A: Please write in Game -> New participants.

Q: Can I create a bot (character runned by the program and not a living person)
A: Yes, it is possible. At organizing a new cartel its leader has a right to create a bot. He won’t get the experience, starting money and has no right to go to Tarkov. He can be used for storing the items and money.

One player is prohibited to create two or more active characters in this forum (meaning having the opportunity to go to Tarkov).

Q: Yikes! Wait, how can I gain so much experience then? I hardly an ever kill so many monsters!
A: you are not expected to get the 20 level at once! The stronger monsters and more complicated tasks will appear in time.

Q: How can I sell the Item if I don’t need it?
A: You can agree the price with another player and sell it to him. Also you can make an agreement with the GM’s character – the Merchant, for example. Or you can sell it to the store but he will offer the fixed price that is quiet low. Note that price for the run out items is lower. By the way, you can just throw the item away.

Q: What if I throw the item out within Tarkov?
A: It will stay in the sector where you left it. You can pick it up at any moment. It’s a kind of improvised hiding… But the thrown away item is not hidden so it is easier to spot it by the other player, NPC and animals. Also it can be harmed by the weather conditions. So if you want to organize the hiding you’d better address to GM.

Q: What do these odd weapon parameters -  DADQ and DDDQ mean?
A: DADQ is for distant accuracy diminution quotient. The higher this parameter – the less the accuracy at distant firing. In close up the value of this parameter is less.

DDDQ is for distant damage diminution quotient/ The higher its value - the less the damage caused by the shot at distant range firing. In close up the value of this parameter is less.

See more information in the Detailed Documentation.

Q: How the types of locality are indicated in the map? How can I know what type of locality is there in the certain sector?
A: By no means. You can’t. On looking at the map one can identify the type of locality in your estimation only. The exact information you get only on arrival to this place. Why so? Because the locality in Tarkov can differ with the one drawn in the map more than 20 years ago. Pollution and radiation, you know.

However, nobody prevents you from making up such a map of your own and in such a manner getting the advantage of the other players.

Q: Look, what if I do something dishonest – don’t refund the money or don’t return the item? Will I get my pennyworth from administrator?
A: No, the administrator is not giving a damn. If you do something despicable all you have to be afraid of is the fury of your creditors, enemies and so on. But if you are cheating in the forum…... :evil:

Q: How the items repair is performed?
A: It is all simple. You have to be an engineer and have a repairing kit.

Press Use the Item and do the repair. But please note that if you fix the item which can be repaired by the engineer at least of your range or a higher one you get twice the amount of experience. But at the same you have approx. 100% chance of failing the repair if it is being done using certain components.

In case of the sophisticated engineer if fixing a simple item, there is no risk of failing but the gained experience is less.

Q:  What’s the sense of using such a complicated fighting system. Besides, there are mistakes/mismatches in it.
A:If you have a better idea – you are welcome!

Q: How is the fight performed?
A: After collecting all the information (the participants and place of the fight) we estimate the situation and provide you with a report.

Q: Look, the fight depicturing can take the whole forum thread.
A: We see no reason in the detailed description so we only calculate the results.

Q: It’s not quite clear how are the States in case of death given. Meaning in the fight it is hit/miss. And how are the hits to the certain parts of the body are given? Who determines that I get an injury of the a body and not the extremities?
A: Like the players, the GM can sometimes decide what part of the player’s body is targeted by the NPC at shooting or what exact part is bitten by the monster or gotten into the chemical pollution or was injured whatever the reason: in getting into jelly or chopper or grabbing the Key-to-Heart artifact. For example, NPC shoots the character aiming to his legs. Hits him. The further situation depends on the damage and the circumstances. Perhaps it will be decided sometimes whether this wound in this or that part of the body is lethal or not.

Or if the character trips a mine – antipersonnel mine for example. Foot is off. There is a special procedure of deciding if one or another part of the body was injured, if the armor was broken through and what damage was caused.

Q: Can the State be cured in Tarkov – the penalty is pretty big!
A: Yes, you can receive treatment in Tarkov. But only at the bases with all the necessary equipment and specialists.

Q:  I still have some questions.
A: You can ask them in Help section in the thread Answers to the New Players’ Questions and you will get the response.

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