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Prevent Coked-Out Scav Death

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It's pretty well known that Scavs snort more cocaine than Al Pacino and Charlie Sheen going down on a cheap hooker before each round and those of us that are prepared for it can take them on pretty easily. But I noticed something recently in Pve that really should be adjusted or taken out altogether. Unless you're in a Scav's direct field of view (which seems to change based on the sounds you make) they won't instantly track to your head and drill a bullet into your skull *unless* you aim at them. If you don't aim towards a Scav and you aren't shooting something else or moving loudly, Scavs will not turn to shoot you and only do so when the computer detects that you're targeting them.

I assume this is because the engine constantly draws a line from the end of your gun and if that line intersects with a hit box while the gun is shot a hit is registered--a poor way to register hits in an apparently realistic shooter but that's another issue.


Anyway I really hope they remove this because getting insta-killed by a makarov sniper isn't really fun when you've got 2 Saiga's and an M4's worth of shotguns.

Tip and trick if you're constantly getting skull fucked by Scavs, don't aim at them until you're sure you can kill them.



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