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New Forum Feature Update: Reactions!

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Hello Escapers!

As you may have noticed, there's been a change on our forums that you may have noticed! It is quite hard to miss!
Formerly, we have a system of Reputation, where you clicked Give Rep to provide Reputation to posts you liked, agreed with and contributed to ongoing discussions. Unfortunately, that system was caught by Scav Raiders and unfortunately was not able to make it back to the Hideout. We shall drink to his memory and valiant service.

With the new Reaction system, you can react in more than one way to a post with EFT-Themed reactions! Let's take a look at the currently available reactions/likes 

like.png - I like this post! Great job!

thanks.png - Thanks! This was a great post

hot.png - Woah that's a hot post!

cold.png - Brrr. That's cold man

confused.png - What?

sad.png - Aww man. That's too bad :(

upvote.png - I like this, man!


These new reactions will create a fun way to react to discussions and contributions seen around the Escape From Tarkov Forums! Be sure to use them where-ever you wish to express your feelings about a discussion or contributing post!

French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @AGN_YuD

Czech translation can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk

Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to Moderator @FLP

The author of these stickers is Sergei Davydov.

  • Like 18
  • Thanks 12
  • Hot 6
  • Cold 1
  • Confused 5
  • Sad 4
  • Upvote 12

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