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A thing about Scavs and PMCS

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So, i was thinking about something.

As far as i understood, scavengers are not really soldiers. They roam the city, looking for things, but they are nothing more than the local population.

I took a small peek on the lore section, and i remember seeing the bear pmc backstory, and he said something like "At least those (reffering to some of the other pmcs) went to the shooting range".

Well, if the PMCS are TRAINED soldiers, maybe the Scavengers shouldn't be able to perform the same way the PMCS do?

Let's say in a way of, accuracy, and other small things.

But the Scavengers should be able to perform better in other ways.

Because think like this, since they are locals, maybe they should have the opportunity to use the terrain against the pmcs?

I was playing with a friend, and i remember he destroyed the poor scavs on customs with his Ak 74N.

Well, maybe the scavs could have booby traps, maybe they could have routes that can take the PMCS by surprise, maybe they could acess to areas the pmcs can't acess.

And the PMCS could have different things, such as better armament, better skills(training) more accuracy and it goes on.

It's a simple idea, but i noticed it when i was thinking about something.

Usually it is said that gangsters hold their guns in a stupid way or something like that, when they hold the gun on the horizontal per example.

And usually soldiers know what they're doing, basically because they were trained for things like that.

I'm actually really interested on the game, and i do believe that it can grow a lot. Although i know i shouldn't add more stuff to the "to do list" i think this is if not mediocre, an acceptable idea.

Anyway, thanks for reading this.

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