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feedback after a while of playing

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       -they are a huge problem in this game

       -sometimes bullet doesent register

       -add more weapon loot spots to the game for low lvl gear (make it easyer for beginners to farm some pistols)

       -remove items for items trade and make it all for money
       -add an auction market for players to trade with other players
       -lower prices on mp443 and kiparis


       -weapon handling is great

       -more "smgs" or "uzi" like weapons with a pretty much low end gear price/handling


       -game got a memory leak its using more ram the longer it runs in a pretty huge way

       -pretty well made BUT sometimes they prefire trought walls, do weird moves (180 degree turn with insta headshot) or running headshots they should be a bit overworked

Group System:
       -spawn together and not split

       -group indicators/special "clan" clothing



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I believe as for the loot spawns thing they have it mapped out pretty well that it requires you on certain weapon spawns to have a key to check it.

As I've been playing the best way to get gear loot is to kill the ai they drop a varying pool of loot from shotguns pistols pacas and on rare cases helmets but thats the risk v reward do you stick around to kill ai and possibly get killed by a player while looting the scav you just killed.

Now if you do loot check the green crates, jackets,filing drawers (all four have chance for loot and are seperate containers.), safes that are open always. 

You can find things like a gphone worth about 10k rub inside those aswell as silencers lasers scopes red dot sights 60 round mags filters and gold chains which if you only risk a duffle bag fill it all the way up with those types of items you can easily get a haul of 50 to 100k.

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